BMW Accessory Rear Wing BMW 3 Series convertible (E46/C)

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BMW Installation Instructions

Technical knowledge is required
Installation time is approx. 0.75 hours, which can vary according to the condition and fittings of the vehicle
Retrofit/Installation Kit no. 51 71 0 006 998

1. Parts overview
2. Assembly of rear wing

Important notes
(Only for use within the BMW trading organisation)
Installation time is approx. 0.75 hours which can vary according to the condition and fittings of the vehicle.
BMW accepts no liability for damage which occurs as a result of not following the work sequence and instructions. In addition, any warranty claim against BMW AG is extinguished in the event of improper fitting and handling which diverges from the fitting and operating instructions.

Installation instructions
Fitting of the rear wing should be undertaken by two people. Fitting of the rear wing is illustrated as taking place on the right-hand side of the vehicle. Operations on the left-hand side of the vehicle should accordingly be carried out in mirror image.

When the rear wing has been fitted, it is essential that the required setting time of the specific adhesive used should be observed.

Safety instructions
It is essential to make sure when carrying out mechanical processes, e.g. when the paint film is being applied, that the identification plate or stamp in the rear wing does not get destroyed or becomes unreadable.The identification plate is located under the right foot of the rear wing. As a result of fitting the rear wing, the possible additional load of the vehicle is reduced by approx. 3.5 kg.

Painting instructions
The rear wing is supplied primed and must be pre-treated accordingly. Observe the BMW painting instructions when painting.

Instructions on adhesive
Follow the instruction manual supplied with the adhesive set on the handling of cleanser, primer and adhesive and note the information specified on the cleanser, primer and adhesive.
– To achieve a high firmness of adhesion, the vehicle must be at a temperature of approx. 20 °C.
– Clean adhesion surfaces on the rear wing.The adhesion surfaces must be absolutely dry, clean and wax and grease-free. Immediately before sticking on the rear wing, the adhesion surfaces of the vehicle should be cleaned with the cleanser supplied with the kit.
– Sand well the entire contact surfaces (adhesion surfaces) and the adhesion groove of the rear wing with sandpaper, remove completely any existing paint and clean with cleanser. When the adhesive has been applied, fitting must take place within 15 minutes and any remnants of adhesive must be removed immediately with putty knife and cleanser.
– At a processing temperature of approx. 20 °C, the vehicle will be ready to drive away after approx. 5 hours.
– The adhesion will not be able to withstand the car wash until 48 hours has elapsed.

Work procedure:
See BMW painting instruction manual.
The rear ring is manufactured from PUR high-resistance foam.
Painting is done with BMW acrylic paint + 30% Softface addition.
The maximum temperature for stove-enamel finish is 40 °C.

Drilling instructions
Before drilling, coat twist drill with grease in order to avoid the drilling chips falling into box sections in the bodywork. Remove all drilling chips, deburr drilled edges and treat them with the customary BMW corrosion prevention measures.

Required tools and auxiliary materials
Hexagonal socket screw key (Allen key) SW 4 mm
Twist drill Ø 5 mm
Drilling machine
Corrosion protection
Cleansing agent
Cleaning cloth
Fibre-tip marker
Attachment strips

1. Parts overview

a Accessory rear wing 1x
b Drilling template 4x
c Socket head screw M4 x 12 4x
d Component adhesive 1x
e Manufacturer’s certificate 1x
f Installation Instructions 1x

2. Assembly of rear wing

Place the positioning aids (b) in the threaded inserts (1) of the rear wing (a).

Place rear wing (a) on the boot lid (1) and move it into the optimal position.
Optimal position:
– centrally on the boot lid (1);
– as far to the rear as possible in the direction of the terminating edge of the boot lid (1) in such a way that the entire bearing surface of the rear wing stays in position on the boot lid (1).
– outer edge rear wing (a) aligned with wing edge (2).
Fasten position aids (b) to the boot lid (1) with adhesive tape and remove rear wing (a) carefully.

The centre of the bore-hole should be approx. 7 mm from the edge of the boot lid (1). Make the drill holes (2) at the marked places on the boot lid (1) with the aid of a drilling machine and the appropriate drill (Ø 5 mm).
To avoid damaging the fender, drill with the boot lid (1) slightly open. Deburr drilled holes and treat them with the BMW customary corrosion protection agent.

Clean thoroughly the contact surface of the rear wing (a) before applying adhesive. Apply bead of adhesive to the adhesion line (1) (edge to the inner recess) evenly and approximately to the thickness of the tube opening.
At all events, the bead of adhesive must project over the recess.

Place the rear wing (a) on the boot lid (1) to correspond with the pattern of drill holes. Screw down the rear wing (a) at right and left onto the boot lid (1) with the socket head screws M4 x 12 (c).Tighten the socket head screw M4 x 12 (c) to a tightening torque of 4.4 Nm.