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Installation Kit for BMW Accessories – Front Bar BMW X5 (E53)

EBA – 01 29 0 009 922
BMW Installation Instructions

Only valid for vehicles with BMW SZ Sports Package

Specialised and electrical knowledge is required.

Installation time approx. 2 hours, which can vary according to the condition and fittings of the vehicle.

Retrofit/Installation Kit No. 84 64 0 008 554 (chrome-plated version)
Retrofit/Installation Kit No. 51 10 0 008 553 (primered version)
Retrofit/Installation K it No.: 84 64 0 008 554/51 10 0 008 553



1. Important notes on installing front bar
2. Preparations
3. Parts overview
4. Mount front bar
5. Templates for front bar

1.Important notes on installing front bar

Only intended for use within the BMW Dealer Organisation.

The front bar may only be installed by a specialised workshop equipped with the necessary special tools and the required manuals (maintenance, repair, diagnosis etc.).

The front bar is offered in two versions:

  • chrome-plated
  • painted in vehicle colour (supplied primed in black)

!The primed front bar must be checked for proper fitting before painting.

Safety instructions

Make sure that the identification plate or the information stamped into the front bar is not destroyed or made illegible during mechanical machining or by painting.

The front bar has no protective function for the vehicle.

The vehicle may not be towed by the front bar.

The item numbers only refer to the exploded views or to the texts in the related illustration.

Painting notes

The painting notes in the BMW Painting Manual must be observed. The front bar is supplied primed and must be pre-treated accordingly.

Required tools and aids

1/2 inch socket wrench set Electric drill
1/4 inch socket wrench set Drill bit set
Set of Phillips screwdrivers Files Stepped drill bits



Conduct brief test
Disconnect battery 12 00 …
Remove front apron
Remove front fog lamps 63 17 070
Unhook inside wheel housing cover at bottom left and right

3.Parts overview

  1. Front bar
  2. Angle bracket (2 pieces)
  3. Set screw, M6x80 (2 pieces)
  4. Spacer rubber, 15 mm dia. x 10 mm (2 pieces)
  5. Self-locking hexagon nut, M6, DIN 985 (2 pieces)
  6. Washer, 6.4 mm dia. (2 pieces)
  7. Set screw, M8x90 (2 pieces)
  8. Cellular rubber disk (2 pieces)
  9. Self-locking hexagon nut, M8, DIN 985 (2 pieces)
  10. Washer, 8.4 mm dia. x 30 mm (2 pieces)
  11. Phillips screw, M6x20mm (4 pieces)
  12. Washer, 6.4 mm dia. 10 mm (4 pieces)
  13. Cage nut, M6 (4 pieces)
  14. Spacer, 20 mm dia x 37 mm (2 pieces)
  15. Spacer, 20 mm dia x 46 mm (2 pieces)

4.Mount front bar

Glue the template for the left plastic spacer (23) and the template for the right plastic spacer (24) onto the plastic spacer (30) of the front apron (31) as illustrated.

Carefully drill out the plastic spacer (30) to 25 mm dia. at the marked points (329 with a stepped drill bit and deburr.

The front apron (31) must not be damaged.

The punched points marked with cross hairs (33) are drilled out to 12 mm dia. with a stepped drill bit and deburred.

Remove the template for the left (23) and right (24) plastic spacer.

The punched points marked with cross hairs (339 become visible through the holes (30 and 319 of the plastic spacer.

Carefully drill out the punched points (33) with an 8 mm dia. drill bit and deburr.

The illustration shows the front cross member from the rear.

Position the template for the cross member on the left (21) on the front cross member at the left (30) from the rear and punch the marked drilling points (31).

Drill the two 10 mm dia. holes (319 in the cross member on the left (30) and deburr the holes.

Insert M6 two cage nuts (139 into the 10 mm dia. holes (30) in the cross member on the left (31).

Screw the angle bracket (2) onto the cross member at the left (30) with two M6x20 Phillips screws (11) and two 6.4 mm dia. washers (12).

Screw two M6x80 set screws (3) into the existing M6 threaded holes (30) in the front bar (319 and push on the 15 mm dia. spacer rubber (14). Screw two M8x90 (7) into the existing M8 threaded holes(32) in the front bar. Push on two cellular rubber disks (8). Pull foil off adhesive strips (33) and glue onto the front bar.

Insert the pre-assembled bar (1) into the holes of the front apron (30) from the front and push the spacers (15) onto the M6x80 set screws (3) from behind. Push the 6.4 mm dia. x 30 mm washers (10) onto the M6x80 set screws and screw on with the M6 self-locking hexagon nuts (5).

Make sure that a uniform distance of 10 mm is maintained between the front bar (1) and the front apron (30).

Push two 20 mm dia. x 46 mm spacers (15) onto the M8 set screws (31). Connect the front fog lamps and headlight washer system (if present). Mount the front apron (30).

The illustration shows the front cross member from the rear.

Bend away the inside left wheel housing cover and push an 8.4 mm dia. x 30 washer (6) onto the M8x80 set screw (7). Then screw on with an M8 self-locking hexagon nut (9).

Final work

Screw the cover onto inside of the left and right wheel housing.

Adjust the front fog lamps.

Adjusting the headlight washer system (if present).

5.Templates for front bar

21 Template Cross member, left
22 Template Cross member, right
23 Template Plastic spacer, left
24 Template Plastic spacer, right

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