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BMW Traffic Pro installation kit BMW 5 Series Saloon (E34), BMW 5 Series touring (E34/2)

EBA – 01 29 0 139 643
BMW Installation Instructions

These installation instructions are only valid for cars that are already fitted with a stereo speak system (cars without a separate fader only).

Technical and electrical knowledge required

The installation time is approx. 1.0 hour, but this may vary depending on the condition of the car and the equipment in it.

Retrofit / Installation kit No. 65 90 0 027 973



1. Important information for the installation of the navigation radio
2. Preparations
3. Parts list
4. Adapter cable connection diagram
5. Navigation radio connection diagram
6. To install the GPS aerial 8
7. To install the adapter cable and connect the navigation radio
8. Coding
9. Concluding work
10. Language selection and commissioning
11. Operating instructions
12. Adapter wiring harness circuit diagram

1.Important information for the installation of the navigation radio

Only for use in the BMW dealer organisation.

The navigation radio may only be installed by a specialist workshop that has the required special tools and manuals.

Ensure that the cables/lines are not kinked or damaged as you install them in the car. Additional cables/lines that you install must be secured with cable ties.

Item numbers refer only to the overview drawings and to the texts next to the appropriate figure.

The operating instructions and commissioning instructions supplied with the kit must be given to the car’s keeper.

On cars with a BMW CD changer the car’s keeper must be informed that the BMW CD changer will no longer function when the navigation radio has been installed.

Subject to technical modifications

Required tools and equipment
Cable lamp
Set of straight slot screwdrivers
Combination pliers
Set of Allen keys
Angle cutter
Cable lamp
1/4 inch socket set


TIS instruction No.
Conduct a brief test
Disconnect the battery 12 00 …
Remove the radio and installation frame
Remove the ventilation grille from the top/centre of the instrument panel
Remove the instrument cluster
Remove the front left door sill trim
Remove the bottom left instrument panel trim
Remove the A pillar trim at the bottom left
Pull up the carpet at the front left

3.Parts list


A Adapter cable
1 Navigation radio
2 Radio retaining pin
3 Double insulation-piercing connector
4 Cable tie (8x)
5 GPS aerial
6 Hook type Velcro strip*
7 Fleece type Velcro strip*
8 Rattle guard (2x)
9 Installation clip (2x)
10 Stud bolt
11 Operating instructions

4.Adapter cable connection diagram

Item Description Signal Cable colour

/ Crosssection

Connection location in the car Abbreviation /


A Adapter cable
A1 Black 17-pin plug casing To black 17-pin socket casing in the centre console X18126
A2 Black 16-pin socket casing To the navigation radio in the centre console
A3 Open cable end Reversing light terminal BL/GE To the supply cable, blue/yellow cable, reversing light signal, near the front left door sill using an insulation-piercing connector, check that the signal is present

5.Navigation radio connection diagram


Chamber A
1 Speed signal (TAA)
2 Signal from reversing light
3 Telephone mute
4 Continuous positive (terminal 30)
5 Control output for automatic aerial/amplifier
6 Light (terminal 58G)
7 Switched positive (terminal 15)
8 Earth (terminal 31)

Chamber B
1 Speaker rear right+
2 Speaker rear right-
3 Speaker front right+
4 Speaker front right-
5 Speaker front left+
6 Speaker front left-
7 Speaker rear left+
8 Speaker rear left-

Chamber C1
1 LineOut rear left
2 LineOut rear right
3 Low frequency earth
4 LineOut front left
5 LineOut front right
6 Subwoofer LineOut

Chamber C2
7-12 Specific connection for CD changer

Chamber C3
13 Low frequency telephone input
14 Earth telephone input
15-17 Specific connection for CD changer
18 CD low frequency earth (AUX)
19 CD low frequency left (AUX)
20 CD low frequency right (AUX)

Jack D
Radio aerial jack

Jack E
GPS aerial jack

Jack F
Anschluss Antennendiversity

6.To install the GPS aerial

The figure shows the area under the top centre ventilation grille.

Affix the cut hook-type Velcro strip (6) with the dimension a, as shown in the figure, to the ventilation box (20).

Measurement a = 15 mm

[1]Affix the cut fleece type Velcro strip (7) to the centre of the GPS aerial (5).

Press the GPS aerial (5) with the affixed fleece typeVelcro strip on to the ventilation box (20). Lay the GPS aerial cable (21) along the ventilation box (20) to the installation site of the navigation radio (tie back excess length). 

7.To install the adapter cable and connect the navigation radio

Connect branch A1, black 17-pin plug casing, to the 17-pin socket casing X18126 on the audio wiring harness.Affix a rattle guard (8) to the second rattle guard (8) and then affix them to the wiring harness so that the plug connector A1 and X18126 are wrapped in them.

Lay branch A3, open cable end, blue/yellow cable, along the standard wiring harness to the bottom left A pillar and secure it with cable ties.

Lay the wrapped plug connector A1 and X18126 on the right behind the heating control so as to enable you to install the navigation radio.

Screw the stud bolt (10) into the navigation radio (1).

Screw the radio retaining pin (2) on to the stud bolt (10).

Connect the existing aerial cable (20) to the navigation radio (1).

Connect branch A2, black 16-pin socket casing, to the navigation radio (1).

Connect the coaxial plug (21) on the GPS aerial cable (22) to the navigation radio (1).

The coaxial aerial plug (22) must be connected on cars with aerial diversity.

Carefully slide the connected navigation radio (1) into the radio shaft (20) and secure it with the existing slides.

Refer to the information for securing the navigation radio in the operating instructions in the section headed Installation/Removal instructions”.

Figure A shows the bottom left A pillar.

Carefully cut open the wiring harness.Connect branch A3, open cable end, blue/yellow cable, to the blue/yellow cable on the reversing light cable (20) on the main wiring harness (21) using a double insulation-piercing connector (6) and secure it with cable ties (4).

Check whether the reverse gear signal is present.


This system is not diagnostics-capable and must not be coded.

9.Concluding work

Connect battery

Complete the commissioning process

Reassemble the car by following the instructions for its dismantling in reverse order Print out error memory

10.Language selection and commissioning

See enclosed Instructions for commissioning the BMW Traffic Pro

11.Operating instructions

See enclosed BMW Traffic Pro operating instructions

12.Adapter wiring harness circuit diagram


A1* Black 17-pin plug casing
A2* Black 16-pin socket casing (chamber A+B)
A3* Open cable end

The components marked with an asterisk (*) are only valid for this circuit diagram. All the other components and X designations correspond to BMW after-sales circuit diagrams

Cable colours

RT = red
SW = black
GN = green
BR = brown
GE = yellow
WS = white
VI = violet
GR = grey
BL = blue

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