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Rear Mud Flaps MINI (R50)

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BMW Installation Instructions

The installation time is approx. 1.0 hours, but this may vary depending on the condition of the car and the equipment in it.

Retrofit / Installation kit No. 82 16 0 136 805



Important information
1. Preparations
2. Parts kit
3. To install the mud flaps

Important information

The retrofit kit is for use within the MINI dealership organisation only.

Target group

The target group for these installation instructions is specialist staff trained on MINI cars.

All servicing, repair, installation and adjustment work on cars is completed at your own risk.

All work is to be carried out using current MINI

  • Repair manuals (see Technical Information System),
  • Servicing handbooks,
  • Work instructions in a rational sequence with the prescribed tools (special tools) and taking into account the relevant health and safety regulations.

Installation information

The installation sequence is shown for the right-hand side. The left-hand mud flap is installed in the same sequence.

Required tools and equipment

Philips screwdriver
Drill with Ø 3 mm bit


TIS instruction No.
Remove the rear wheels 36 10 300
Remove the wheel arch extensions, if fitted

2.Parts kit

a Left mud flap 1
b Right mud flap 1
c Left end cap 1
d Right end cap 1
e Screw 3.5 x 15.5 6
f Screw 4.8 x 19 2
g Large speed nut 4
h Small speed nut 2

3.To install the mud flaps

Remove the bottom securing screw (1) from the wheel arch trim (2).

Unscrew and remove the expanding rivet (1) from the bottom end of the wheel arch trim (2). Use the expanding rivet (1) to fit the end cap d of the mud flap.

If necessary, use the mud flap to check that you have fitted the correct end cap.

Push on the rear mud flap b from underneath and screw it on tightly using screw f.

Use the Ø 3 mm bit to drill through the holes in the mud flap b and into the wheel arch trim. Hold the mud flap firmly in contact with the wheel arch trim when doing this.

Then remove the mud flap again.

Push speed nuts g and h over the drilled holes. The two larger speed nuts g are for the top holes whilst the smaller speed nut h is for the bottom hole.

The entire contact area of the mud flap must be absolutely dry, clean and free from wax and grease.

Inadequate cleaning will impair the durability of the glued connection. This can endanger other road users.

Clean the entire contact area (1) of the mud flap using a cloth (2) and spirit.

Make sure that the protective films (1) are peeled off from the bottom or from the outside.

Pull off each of the protective films (1) from the bonding surfaces (2) by about 3 cm.

Make sure that the corners (1) of the protective films which have already been peeled off are visible.

The fit of the end cap stabilises the mud flap b in the correct installation position.

Place the mud flap onto the wheel arch trim from below and use the screw f to secure it at the bottom outer hole.

Make sure that the corners of the protective films (1) which have already been peeled off are visible.

Attach the mud flap to the wheel arch trim using the three inner screws.

Always follow the gluing sequence.

Make sure that the mud flap makes full contact during the gluing process.

Press the mud flap into place in the glued area with considerable force and hold it there for at least 10 seconds in order to achieve optimum adhesion.

Peel off the entire bottom adhesive tape (1) and firmly press the mud flap b against the wheel arch trim in the glued area for at least 10 seconds.

Repeat this procedure with the middle adhesive tape (2) and finally with the top adhesive tape (3).

Do not wash the vehicle for 72 hours after gluing.

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