Window aerial retrofit kit MINI (R50 and R53)

EBA – 01 29 0 143 417
Mini Installation Instructions

The installation time is approx. 0.5 hours, but this may vary depending on the condition of the car and the equipment in it.

Retrofit/Installation kit No.:

84 64 0 139 560
84 64 0 139 561
84 64 0 139 562
84 64 0 139 563
84 64 0 142 861
84 64 0 142 864
84 64 0 142 867
84 64 0 142 870
84 64 0 142 871
84 64 0 148 183
84 64 0 148 190
84 64 0 148 192
84 64 0 148 194
84 64 0 148 196
84 64 0 148 389



Important information
1. Preparations
2. Parts list
3. To install the window aerial
4. Concluding work

Important information

The retrofit kit is only for use within the dealership organisation.

Do not kink or damage the cables during the installation work since otherwise they may cause faults that can later only be identified by extensive additional work. The costs incurred as a result of this will not be reimbursed.

This system does not require coding

Installation information

Clean the window with conventional cleaning products before installation.

Do not touch the adhesive strips or cleaned window.

Never affix the window aerial to misted or wet windows.

The gluing temperature of the window must be at least 20˚C.

The adhesive strips and window aerial will bond immediately on contact and cannot be moved again.

To ensure a permanent bond allow the car to stand for approx. two hours in an ambient temperature of at least 20˚C.

Target group

The target group for these installation instructions is specialist personnel trained on MINI cars with specialist knowledge of vehicle electrical systems.


All servicing, repair and installation work on MINI cars is completed at your own risk.

All work is to be completed using the latest MINI repair manuals and circuit diagrams in a rational order using the prescribed tools (special tools) and observing current health and safety regulations.


The following components must be removed first of all: TIS instruction No.
Oddments box in the instrument trim on the passenger side 51 16 390
A pillar trim on the right 51 43 201
Interior mirror 51 16 060

2.Parts list

Window aerial retrofit kit MINI (R50 and R53)


  1. Double-sided adhesive strip
  2. Adhesive window aerial

3.To install the adhesive window aerial

Window aerial retrofit kit MINI (R50 and R53)

Clean the windscreen in the area where the aerial is to be affixed, see “Important information”.

Remove the transparent backing foil from the adhesive strip (1).

Affix the adhesive strip (1) vertically on the top edge of the windscreen (2) from the inside and press out any air bubbles.

Window aerial retrofit kit MINI (R50 and R53)

Remove the yellow backing foil from the adhesive strip.

Position the adhesive window aerial (1) on the adhesive strip and press it on to it hard for approx. 15 seconds.

Window aerial retrofit kit MINI (R50 and R53)

Carefully lower the headlining at the front.

Lay the aerial cable (1) under the headlining and along the A pillar to the aerial cable on the mobile phone holder.

Window aerial retrofit kit MINI (R50 and R53)

Screw the aerial cable (1) and aerial cable plug for the mobile phone holder (2) together.

4.Concluding work

  • Conduct a function test
  • Assemble the car following the instructions to dismantle it in reverse order.