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Second Receiver Retrofit Kit for Universal Hands-Free Kit BMW X5 (E53)

EBA – 01 29 0 149 184
BMW Installation Instructions

The installation time is approx. 0.75 hours, but this may vary depending on the condition of the car and the equipment in it.

Retrofit kit No. 84 64 0 148 597



Important information
1. Preparations
2. Parts list
3. To install the second receiver
4. Concluding work and coding

Important information

The retrofit kit is only for use within the dealership organisation.

Subject to technical modifications.

Ensure that the cables/lines are not kinked or damaged as you install them in the car.

Target group

The target group for these installation instructions is specialist personnel trained on BMW cars with specialist knowledge of vehicle electrical systems.


All servicing, repair and installation work on BMW cars is completed at your own risk.

All work must be completed using the latest BMW repair manuals and circuit diagrams in a rational order using the prescribed tools (special tools) and observing current health and safety regulations.

Special tools



TIS instruction No.
Conduct a brief test
Disconnect the negative pole of the battery 12 00 …
The following components must be removed first of all:
Left side carpet of the centre console front and rear

2.Parts list

A Second receiver with mounting
A1 SW 8-pin Western plug
B Mounting plate
C Self-tapping screws St 3.2 x 25 (4x)
D Telephone console

3.To install the second receiver

Slot the telephone console D onto the centre console.

Align the mounting plate B in the middle of the telephone console D.

Mark its outline and the fastening holes (1).

Drill the fastening holes with a 2.5 mm twist drill.

Drill a 15 mm hole (2) in the bottom area as shown.

Feed branch A1 through the opening (1) in the telephone console D and attach it using textile adhesive tape (2).

Screw the mounting plate B onto the telephone console D using self-tapping screws C.

Insert the second receiver and mounting A into the mounting plate B from above until they clip into place.

Undo the Philips screw (1).

Attach the telephone console D to the centre console and secure it with a Philips screw (1). Route branch A1 under the centre console towards the handbrake lever.

Connect branch A1 to the black 8-pin plug (1) of the universal hands-free kit.

4.Concluding work and coding

This retrofit system does not require coding.

  • Connect battery
  • Conduct a brief test with DIS/MoDiC III.
  • Conduct a function test
  • Re-assemble the car

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