White lights MINI (R50, R53)

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Mini Installation Instructions

White lights MINI (R50, R53)

The installation time is approx. 0.25 hours for side lights and approx. 0.5 hours for rear lights including the third brake light, but this time may vary depending on the condition of and the equipment in the car.

Retrofit/Installation kit No. 63 21 0 150 980



Important information
1. Preparations

Important information

The retrofit kit is for use within the MINI dealership organisation only.

Separate reflex reflectors replace the reflectors in the lights (statutory regulation).

Only use DIADEM light bulbs with the order number 07 50 0 018 229 as spare parts for the direction indicators in the rear lights.

If a rear spoiler (special equipment) is fitted it must be raised slightly (if necessary) to replace the third brake light.

Target group

The target group for these installation instructions is specialist staff trained on MINI cars.

All servicing, repair, installation and adjustment work on cars is completed at your own risk.

All work is to be carried out using current MINI

  • Repair manuals (see Technical Information System),
  • Servicing handbooks, – Work instructions,

in a rational sequence with the prescribed tools (special tools) and taking into account the relevant health and safety regulations.

Required tools and equipment



TIS instruction No.
Replace the side indicator lights 63 13 210
Replace the third brake light 63 25 000
Replace the tail light 63 21 200