Park Distance Control (PDC) Rear Retrofit BMW Z4 (E85)

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BMW Installation Instructions

The installation time is approx. 4 hours, but this may vary depending on the condition of the car and the equipment in it.

Important information

Only for use in the BMW dealer organisation.

Ensure that the cables/lines are not kinked or damaged as you install them in the car.

If the specified PIN numbers are occupied, bridges, double crimps or twin-lead terminals must be used.

Use cable ties when routing cables. Tie back any excess lengths.

Subject to technical modifications.

Before you install the retrofit system, test the control module status with the CIP (coding, customising, programming) test program. If the test detects incorrect statuses in one or more control modules, these must be updated first using the “Load software” function.

Target group

The target group for these installation instructions is specialist personnel trained on BMW cars with the appropriate specialist knowledge.

All work must be completed using the latest repair manuals, circuit diagrams, servicing manuals and work instructions in a rational order using the prescribed tools (special tools) and observing current health and safety regulations.

Retrofit kit No. 66 20 0 301 292

See EPC for other retrofit kit part numbers.

Special tools required

00 9 317 Trim wedge
00 9 323 Cleaning wedge

Retrofit kit No. 66 20 0 301 292 (others see cover sheet)



1. Preparations
2. Parts kit
3. Connection diagram
4. Installation and cabling diagram
5. To install the retrofit
6. Concluding work and coding
7. Circuit diagram


TIS instruction No.
Conduct a brief test
Disconnect the negative pole of the battery 12 00 …
The following components must be removed first of all:
Pedal trim 51 45 185
Side footwell trim on the left A pillar 51 43 070
Glove box with casing, right 51 16 367
Side footwell trim on the right A pillar 51 43 075
Side trim bottom part at rear right 51 43 015
Side trim top part at rear right 51 43 010
Right boot – wheel arch trim 51 47 161
Rear bumper trim 51 12 156

2.Parts kit


A PDC wiring harness (1x)
B Converter wiring harness (1x)
C Holder for ultrasonic converter (4x)
D Ultrasonic converter (4x) (not included in kit)
E Cable tie with holder (8x)
F PDC control unit (1x)
G Holder (1x) I Gong (1x)
H Plastic nut (3x)
J Cable tie (20x)

3.Connection overview

Item Description Signal Cable colour/


Connection location in the car Abbreviation/Slot
A PDC wiring harness
A1 Black 12-pin socket casing To PDC control unit A81 X300
A2 Cable lug A6 TL 31E BRSW / 0.5 mm2 To earth bolt A pillar right X1106
A3 Joint connector contact K-BUS WSRTGE /

0.35 mm2

To joint connector behind the glove compartment X10116
A4 Socket contact TL 15 GNBL /

0.5 mm2

To black 32-pin socket casing on power distributor A41 X11007 PIN13
A5 Black 1-pin socket casing BLGR /

0.35 mm2

To gong H10 X363
A6 White 3-pin socket casing BR / RTGNGE / 0.5


To gong H10 X522
A7 Cable lug A6 TL 31L BR / 0.5 mm2 To earth bolt A pillar left X9633
A8 Socket contact VA2 RTGNGE /

0.5 mm2

To black 26-pin socket casing on base module A1 X254 PIN22

4.Installation and cabling diagram


  1. Ultrasonic converter in rear bumper trim
  2. PDC control unit
  3. Earth bolt on A pillar right
  4. Power distributor
  5. Joint connector behind the glove compartment
  6. Base module
  7. Gong
  8. Earth bolt on A pillar left

5.To install the retrofit

When fitting the ultrasonic converter holders and the ultrasonic converters D, make sure that the

ultrasonic converters D are aligned with their connection sockets pointing towards the middle of the bumper trim (1).

Mark the midpoint within the marks (1) and centrepunch it. Drill holes (2) (Ø27 mm).

Use a suitable tool to create anti-rotation locks (3), at the same time observing the prescribed alignment of the ultrasonic converters (see Fig. 085 0023 V).

Insert the ultrasonic converter holders C into the holes.

The detents (1) must engage. If necessary, chamfer the holes from the inside of the bumper.

Insert the ultrasonic converters D.

The detent hooks on the ultrasonic converters D must engage.

Push cable ties and holders E onto the plastic projections (1).

Then fit the converter wiring harness into the bumper trim and connect it to the ultrasonic converters (not illustrated).

[1]Insert the grommet (1) for the converter wiring harness B into the body recess.

Route the converter wiring harness B into the boot.

Use plastic nuts H to fit the PDC control unit F onto the holder G.

Connect the plug (1) of the converter wiring harness and branch A1 of the PDC wiring harness into the same coloured plug casing on the PDC control unit F.Thread the holder G into lug (2) and fasten it with a plastic nut H.Route the PDC wiring harness along the right door sill to the front in the area below the A pillar on the right.

Connect branch A2 to the earth bolt X1106 (1).

Plug branch A3 into the free slot in the joint connector X10116 (1) with colour WSRTGE.

Connect branch A4 to PIN 13 of plug X11007 (1) on the power distributor.

In cars not fitted with a gong I, cut out the recess (1) along the embossed mark on the inside of the pedal trim (2).

Clip the gong I into the recess (1) in the pedal trim (2).

Attach the cable connectors and cables with cable

ties. Select the installation route of the cable so that it cannot be damaged by moving parts. Route branch A5 into the driver’s footwell.

Plug branch A5, 1-pole socket casing, into slot T4 X363.

Plug branch A6, 3-pole socket casing, into slot T3 X522.

In cars with a gong I fitted, branch A6 is not required and can be tied back.

Cars without a gong only

Connect branch A7 to the earth bolt X9633 (1).

Route branch A8 into the passenger’s footwell.

Cars without a gong only

Connect branch A8 to PIN 22 of plug X254 (1) on the base module (2).

6.Concluding work and coding

The parking distance control (PDC) retrofit requires coding.

  • Connect the battery, connect a charger
  • Program/code the parking distance control (PDC) retrofit with DISPlus or GT-1 using the CIP application and follow the instructions in the program
  • Conduct a function test
  • Re-assemble the car

7.Circuit diagram


A1 Base module
A41 Power distributor
A81 PDC control unit
H10 Gong
X254 Black 26-pin socket casing on the base module C
X300 Black 12-pin socket casing on the PDC control unit
X363 Black 1-pin socket casing on the gong
X522 White 3-pin socket casing on the gong
X1106 Earth bolt on A pillar right
X9633 Earth bolt on A pillar left
X10116 17-pin joint connector K-BUS behind the glove compartment
X11007 Black 32-pin socket casing on the power distributor

Cable colours

GN green
BL blue
GR grey
BR brown
SW black
WS white
RT red
GE yellow

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