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Aerial Amplifier Retrofit BMW X5 (E53)

EBA – 01 29 0 301 818
BMW Installation Instructions

These installation instructions only apply to cars fitted with the Bluetooth universal BMW hands-free device

Important information

Target group

These installation instructions are primarily designed for use within the BMW dealership organisation and by authorised BMW service companies. In any event the target group for these installation instructions is specialist personnel trained on BMW cars with the appropriate specialist knowledge.

All work must be completed using the latest BMW repair manuals, circuit diagrams, servicing manuals and work instructions in a rational order using the prescribed tools (special tools) and observing current health and safety regulations.

Installation information

Ensure that the cables/lines are not kinked or damaged as you install them in the car.

The installed cables are to be secured with cable ties.

Installation time

Approx. 0.5 hours, but this may vary depending on the condition of the car and the equipment in i

Retrofit kit No.

84 64 0 301 720

See EPC for other retrofit kit part numbers.

Special tools required




1. Preparations
2. Parts list
3. To install and connect the aerial amplifier
4. Concluding work


TIS instruction No.
Conduct a brief test
Disconnect the negative pole of the battery 12 00 …
The following components must be removed first of all:
Left boot – wheel arch trim 51 47 151

2.Parts list


A Aerial booster
B Speed nut M5 (not required)
C Hexagonal screw M5 x 14 (not required)
D Hexagonal nut M5 (2x)

3.To install and connect the aerial amplifier

[1]Open Fakra plug connector X13323.

Release tied back, black 3-pin plug X1765 from the wiring harness.

Use hexagonal nuts D to screw aerial amplifier A onto the universal charger/hands-free electronic control unit holder (1).

Connect plug X1765 and Fakra socket/plug casing X13323 to aerial amplifier A.

4.Concluding work

This retrofit system does not require coding.

  • Connect battery
  • Conduct a brief test with DIS/MoDiC/GT 1
  • Conduct a function test
  • Assemble the car again following the instructions to dismantle it in reverse order

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