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Retrofit kit – rear splash guard (off-road) BMW X5 (E53)

EBA – 01 29 0 304 726
BMW Installation instructions

Retrofit kit No.: 82 16 0 301 760

Installation time

The installation time of approx. 0.5 hours can vary depending on the condition and equipment of the vehicle.

Important information

These Installation Instructions are mainly intended for use in the BMW dealership network as well as by authorized BMW service centers.

These Installation Instructions are targeted at specialist personnel trained on BMW vehicles and with corresponding technical knowledge.

All work should be carried out with the aid of the current BMW Repair Instructions, circuit diagrams, maintenance manuals and work instructions in rational order and with the specified tools (special tools) while observing applicable safety regulations.

All illustrations show LHD vehicles. Carry out the same procedure analogously on RHD vehicles.

The plastic and metal parts adhered to the vehicle together with the splash guards must be at a minimum temperature of 15 °C during the installation procedure.

The adhesive joint of the splash guards is carwash-proof after 48 hours.

Do not archive the printout of these Installation Instructions as they are updated daily via the Aftersales Portal!

Subject to technical modifications.

Required special tools

Cleaner: SIKA-Cleaner 205 (included in window repair kit)



1. Parts overview
2. Installing rear splash guards

1. Parts overview

2. Installing rear splash guards

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