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M Performance carbon rear diffuser retrofit kit BMW M5 (F10 M)

EBA – 01 29 2 412 404
BMW Installation Instructions

Retrofit kit number

51 19 2 365 796 M Performance carbon rear diffuser retrofit kit

Installation time

The installation time for the carbon rear diffuser retrofit kit is 0.25 hours. This may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle and the equipment in it.

Important information

With the installation of the M Performance carbon rear diffuser on cars with special equipment SA 322 (comfort access), the “Smart Opener” sub-function of this SA becomes obsolete and therefore can no longer be used.

These installation instructions are primarily designed for use within the BMW dealership organisation and by authorised BMW service companies.

These installation instructions are intended for use by qualified specialist staff trained on BMW vehicles with the relevant expert knowledge.

All work must be completed using the latest BMW repair manuals, wiring diagrams, servicing manuals and work instructions, in a rational order, using the prescribed tools (special tools) and observing current health and safety regulations.

If you experience installation or function problems, restrict troubleshooting to approx. 0.5 hours for mechanical work and 1.0 hour for electrical work.

To avoid unnecessary extra work and/or costs, send an inquiry straight away to the technical parts support team via the Aftersales Assistance Portal (ASAP).

Quote the following information:

  • Chassis number,
  • Retrofit kit part number,
  • A detailed description of the problem, – And any work already carried out.

Do not archive the hard copy of these installation instructions since daily updates are provided via ASAP!

Installation information

All pictures show LHD cars; proceed accordingly on RHD cars.

Special tools required


Table of contents


1. Carbon rear diffuser parts list
2. Fitting the carbon rear diffuser
3. Concluding work and coding

1.Carbon rear diffuser parts list


A Carbon rear diffuser

2.Fitting the carbon rear diffuser

Keep the screws (1); they will be reused later.

Remove the three screws (1) and keep them safe.

The rear diffuser (2) remains secured to the trim (3). Unclip the trim (3) at the upper edge (4) as detailed in ISTA.

Keep the rivets (5); they will be reused later.

Loosen the rivets (5). Unfasten the seven tabs (6) on the rear diffuser (2) from the seven springs (7) using suitable tools. Remove the rear diffuser (2).

Carbon rear diffuser A is positioned under the trim (3).

Place carbon rear diffuser A with its seven tabs (6) on the seven springs (7) of the trim (3) and clip it into place.

Secure carbon rear diffuser A on both sides using the existing rivets (5) from underneath.

Clip the entire trim (comprising carbon rear diffuser A and trim (3)) along the upper edge (4) into the rear apron as described in ISTA. Screw into place with the existing three screws (1).

The screws (1) are microencapsulated. When screwing the screws in, be aware of the microencapsulation and replace if necessary.

3.Concluding work and coding

The retrofit system requires programming / coding.

– ISTA P version K word: DSMO

  • Connect the battery
  • Connect the battery charger to the car
  • Connect the car to the ISTA workshop system
  • Call up the ISTA/P car programming facility
  • If using ISTA/P, please note the instructions provided in the ISTA/P application documentation
  • Retrofit K word: Select “DSMO” via the – Conversions – path and work through the created action plan
  • If necessary, carry out a car test using the ISTA system and note or work through any entered error memory
  • Conduct a function test
  • Re-assemble the car in a logical manner
  • Give the customer the customer information

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