Supplementary sheet to the Installation Instructions for Cellular telephone / Mobile telephone (Vehicles with MFL and without display in the instrument cluster)

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BMW Installation Instructions

In vehicles with multifunctional steering wheel (MFL) but low instrument cluster (no display in the instrument cluster),
the telephone display in the Multi Information Display (MID) can be made visible after installation of the telephone
system and replacement of the MID and when the telephone key has been installed on the MFL. Operation of the
telephone is then made possible via the radio selection buttons on the multifunctional steering wheel (MFL).

The setting up of the display is effected in the telephone menu on the MID.

Setting up the Multi Information Display (MID)

– Switch on terminal R (ignition key in position 1).
– Insert telephone card in card reader and input PIN code.
– Press TEL button on MID.
(Caution: Press TEL button on MID within 9 seconds of switching on terminal R)
– Wait until menu line appears on MID.

– Press menu button (1) for third telephone level and hold it down (approx. 3 seconds).

– Immediately after operating the menu button (1) the display in the MID changes to the above-shown illustration.
– Continue holding down the menu button (1) for the third telephone level.

! If the display does not switch to the illustration shown, the period allowed (9 seconds) between switching on
“Terminal R” and operating the TEL button on the MID has been exceeded. The setting-up procedure must be
started again from the beginning.

– The display in the MID changes to the above-shown illustration.
– By operating the button (1) the MID is reset to LOW-KOM.

– Having operated button (1) the MID switches to the above-shown display and the setting-up procedure is
– The MID now changes its displays of its own accord until it has arrived at the radio display again.
(During this time do not operate any buttons on the MID).
– To verify the display in the MID, the telephone PIN number must be entered again.

The display for the telephone is now viewable on the Multi Information Display (MID).
In the telephone mode, the search buttons on the multifunctional steering wheel (MFL) have the same functions as
the search buttons on the Multi Information Display (MID).