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Rear supports for the BMW Multi-Trailer

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BMW Installation Instructions


  1. Important notes
  2. Fitting instructions and fitting

1. Important notes

(Only for use within the BMW dealer organisation).

Fitting time at least 1.5 hours.

The fitting time may vary, depending on the condition of and equipment in the BMW Multi-Trailer.

Target group

The target group for these fitting instructions is staff who have been trained on BMW cars.


All servicing, repair, fitting and adjustment work on the BMW Multi-Trailer is completed at your own risk.

All work is to be completed using the latest B MW

  • Repair instructions, S ervice manuals,
  • Work instructions in a rational sequence using the prescribed tools (special tools) and pursuant to the relevant health and safety regulations.

Safety instructions

Before fitting the rear supports, please read the following:

Only fit electric cables as described in these fitting instructions.

! Electric cables are to be fitted in such a way that they cannot be kinked, chafed or squeezed. Do not damage any electric cables when drilling holes.

2. Fitting


    1. Tools and equipment required
    2. Parts kit
    3. Preparatory work
    4. Fitting instructions
    5. To fit the rear support mountings and rear supports

2.1 Tools and equipment required

3/8 inch reversible ratchet 3/8 inch extension
3/8 inch sockets, sizes 10 mm and 13 mm Hand drill
6.5 mm twist drill Zinc dust paint
Blind rivet pliers with mouthpiece for 6.4 mm rivets

2.2 Parts kit

Rear support, left (1x) Rear support, right (1x)
Rear support mounting, left (1x) Rear support mounting, right (1x)
Cable holder (4x) Hexagonal screw, size M6 (8x)
Hexagonal screw, size M8 (8x) Washer, 6.4 mm (8x)
Blind rivet, 6.4 x 26 mm with large head (4x)

Rear support fitting instructions

Blind rivet, 6.4 x 12.7 mm (6x)

2.3 Preparatory work

Remove the electric cables for the rear lights and the cable holders from the cross traverses.

2.4 Fitting instructions

There are mountings or brackets on the BMW Multi-Trailer for fitting the rear support mountings.These brackets are at the rear level with cover cap for the GRP apron between the side members and the GRP apron.The rear support mounting is to be bolted to the bracket and rivets to a cross traverse and the platform.The connection between the bracket and the rear support mounting is prepared for fitting.You must drill the holes in the cross traverses and platform for the rivets and complete the riveting work.

For the riveting work you will require a blind rivet tool with a mouthpiece for a 6.4 mm diameter riveting arbour. These fitting instructions describe the fitting procedures for the right-hand rear support.The left-hand rear support is to be fitted using the same procedures.

2.5 To fit the rear support mountings and rear supports


Fit the rear support mounting (1) into the bracket (2) so that the right-angled legs point towards the GRP apron. As you insert it ensure that you thread the electric cable (3) for the rear light through the right-hand cut-out (4) in the rear support mounting.


Bolt the rear support mounting (1) to the bracket (2) using the hexagonal screws, size M6 (x), using two on each side.Tighten the hexagonal screws by hand.This will place the rear support mounting in the ideal position for you to mark the holes which still have to be drilled. Mark the five holes (6), two on the left-hand side of the metal plate and three on its right-hand side (see magnifying glass) using a scriber. Before drilling the holes, take the rear support mounting off the bracket. Drill the marked holes on the cross traverse and the platform using a 6.5 mm twist drill. Remove the drilling chippings from the holes in the cross traverse and coat the holes with zinc dust paint.


Fit the rear support mounting (1) back into the bracket (2). Snap the cable holders (7+8) on to the electric cable. Secure the electric cable to the rear support mounting (1) using the cable holders (7+8). Clamp the cable holder (7) in the hole (9) on the inside of the rear support mounting (1). Bolt the rear support mounting (1) to the bracket (2) using the hexagonal screws, size M6 (x), using two on each side.Tighten the hexagonal screws by hand. Rivet the rear support mounting to the cross traverse (11) using the three rivets, size 6.4 x 12.7 mm. Insert the blind rivets, size 6.4 x 26 mm, large head version, into the drilled holes from the top of the platform and rivet the platform to the rear support mounting. Finally tighten the hexagonal screws, size M6 (5) with a torque of 11 Nm.


To make the rear support easy to fit, extend it halfway before fitting it.

Place the right-hand rear support (12) below the rear support mounting (1) so that it matches the holes in the rear support mounting (1). Secure the right-hand rear support (12) to the rear support mounting (1) using the hexagonal screws, size M8 (14) and the washers (15).Tighten the hexagonal screws, size M8 (14) with a torque of 26 Nm.

After completing the fitting procedure, check that both rear supports function correctly.To do this remove the cover caps at the rear of the GRP apron. Place the wheel brace from the BMW car on the hexagonal mounting on the rear support and check that it works properly. If necessary, lubricate all the moving parts.

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