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Radio installation with Genuine BMW Kits, Mono, Stereo CR BMW 6 CS Series E24, BMW 7 Series E23 (incl. vehicles with Air Conditioner)

EBA – 01 29 9 750 806
BMW Installation Instructions

Amendment to BMW installation instructions 01 29 9 760 532/01 29 9 760 576

All work is shown on LHD models. On RHD models some operations will be symmetrically opposite.

Disconnect negative cable from battery. Remove screws 1 … 4.

Remove screw and detach trim from glove box.

Pull plug off automatic fuse, if necessary.

Install aerial in accordance with instructions.

Mono loudspeaker:

A) 728/728 i

Pull off sill panel trim, edge piping and door pillar trim.

Insert speed nuts 1 … 4.

Cut out door pillar trim to an ellipse shape.

Lift out trim plate for radio.

Route loudspeaker wires to door pillar on left and right.

Push loudspeaker wires into door pillar from top to bottom through existing rubber grommets.

Assemble loudspeaker (1 ), grille (2) with screws (3) and spacer washers (4).

Grille (2) ist not included in the kit and must be ordered in matching colour.

Connect wires to loudspeaker.

(terminal strip to the rear).

Install loudspeaker and grille.

B) 730 .. . 745i

Remove screws and take off loudspeaker cover.

Install loudspeaker on cover.

Lift out trim plate for radio.

Route loudspeaker wires to door pillar on left and right.

Push loudspeaker wires into door pillar from top to bottom through existing rubber grommets.

Attach wires to loudspeaker and install cover.

Stereo loudspeakers:

728 .. . 745i

Remove screws securing seat cushion on left and right. Lift cushion slightly and lift it out of mountings.

Fitting note:

Place locks for rear seat belts between backrest and cushion.

Fold centre armrest forwards.

Remove screws.

Remove lower centre screw for armrest.

Remove left and right lower screws.

Pull head restraints out of mountings.

Push backrest up and take it off.

If necessary lift escutcheons for head restraints carefully out of parcel shelf.

Check escutcheons, renew if necessary.

Lift parcel shelf in the centre and pull it out carefully to the front.

Cut out preformed aperture for loudspeaker.

Install speed nuts in the existing holes.

Install loudspeakers from above, terminal strip to the rear. Secure loudspeaker grille with screws.

Press out preformed hole on the left and pass loudspeaker wire with plug through. Insert rubber grommet.

Connect loudspeaker wires with existing plug.

Secure with clip.

Route long loudspeaker wire below end plate for parcel shelf to right loudspeaker. Install parcel shelf and attach loudspeaker wires.

Lift out trim plate for radio. Route loudspeaker wires on left and right to the door pillars. Wire with plug to left loudspeaker.

Lift floor carpet partially to expose existing connector. Attach plug on loudspeaker wire to connector and secure with existing clip (1).

Install front loudspeaker – as described for mono.

Installing radio – Mono or stereo:

Insert guide runner into holder.

Secure runner with screw, flat washer and spring washer.

Attach radio carrier (1 ) to front of set with nuts (2).

Attach radio carrier to rear of set.


Connect separate fuse (1 ) to existing battery wire (2) and attach to radio. Connect earth wire (3), loudspeaker wire (4) and aerial (5).

Secure all wires to radio carrier.

Connect negative cable to battery and check operation of set.

Trim aerial in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

Attach retainer (1) with threaded pin (2).

The retainer must be centralized.


Max. tightening torque: 27 +-3 Ncm.

Attach radio grille with nuts.

Use spanner (1) from kit.

Install tone control (1 ) on left, trim washer (2) and rotary knobs (3). Ensure that parts engage properly.

On stereo set: Switch for mono or stereo goes on the right instead of the trim washer.


Assemble blending control.

  1. = Blending control
  2. = Adaptor

The blending control must engage detent in the adaptor. Tighten nut with spanner 3.

Press blanking plug out and connect loudspeaker wire to blending control. Chamfered edge goes inwards.

Install knob on blending control and fit control so that the symbol is at the top in the central position.

Only Bavaria CR:

Open glove box. Secure electronic suppression unit to existing hole and route wire to radio location. Secure wiring with wire clips.

Connect aerial (1 ) and electronic suppression unit (2) to set.

Secure wires on holder.

Connect separate fuse (3) with existing battery wire (4) and attach earth wire. Connect blue loudspeaker wire to terminal R and yellow wire to terminal L. Secure wiring to holder.

Push radio in. Secure retainer (1 ) with screws (2). Centralize the retainer.

Caution: Max. tightening torque: 27 ±3 Ncm

Install radio grille (1 ) and press it into the spring clips. Insert switch lever into detent.

Connect battery negative wire.

Fit knobs and check operation of radio. Trim aerial in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

Install all parts which were removed and stick trim material on again.

Interference suppression:

To ensure satisfactory radio reception in the vehicle, the vehicle must be properly suppressed. All the necessary parts are contained in the BMW suppression kits. Instructions on fitting the equipment are included with the kits.

Wiring diagram

1 = Left rear loudspeaker
2 = Left front loudspeaker
3 = Right rear loudspeaker
4 = Right front loudspeaker
5 = Receiver rear view left
6 = Channel 1 (L)
7 = Channel II (R)
8 = Blending control
9 = Connector, luggage compartment

Colour codes:

BR= brown
BL= blue
RT= red
SW= black
GE= yellow

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