Installation kit Automatic antenna BMW 3 Series E21

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BMW Installation Instructions

Disconnect battery negative wire.

To prevent damage from drilling chips and to make marking out easier, stick a piece of crepe adhesive tape over place where hole is to be drilled.

Dimension x = 149 mm Dimension y = 16 mm

Centre-punch intersection and drill a 22 mm hole.

Remove adhesive tape, deburr hole and paint edges with zinc paint. Remove drilling chips.

Attach bracket and dished washer loosely to aerial with hexscrew.

Install automatic aerial.

Note fitting sequence:

  1. Automatic aerial
  2. Shell
  3. Shell
  4. Brass ring
  5. Sealing ring
  6. Fender
  7. Packing
  8. Upper ring
  9. Shell
  10. Shell
  11. Nut

Secure bracket to metal web with earth wire (1).

When doing this, fix position of aerial.

Connect aerial wire and connector to aerial.

Lift protective caps off, remove screws and take seat bench out.

Loosen both screws, unhook backrest by pushing it upwards and take it out.

Remove trim from belt retractor.

Remove trim under instrument panel.

Lift sill panel trim off.

Push carpet back.

Run wire from aerial to front of the instrument panel along the existing loom and secure it.

Attach white wire (1) to connection “Automatic aerial” and aerial wire (2) to radio. Insulate free end (3) of wire.

Connect red wire (1) under instrument panel to a wire which always carries current (terminal 30).


Check that there is sufficient clearance between boot lid and aerial.

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