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Installation Kit for retracting radio aerial BMW 3 (E21) and BMW 5 (E28)

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BMW Installation Instructions

All illustrations show a left-hand drive car.

Installation at front left of car:

315 — 323 i

518 — M 535i

Remove screws (1 — 6) and take off the trim.

Remove cover plate from left wheel arch.

When installing: make sure that rubber seal is correctly seated.

Press out the preformed cutout.

Insert the grommet for the aerial into the cutout.

518 — M 535 i

Insert the aerial from the top and secure with screws (1 – 2).

315 — 323i (not illustrated)

Insert the aerial from the top, drill holes at the center- punched points on the ‘A’-post and secure the aerial with screws.

Remove the preformed sheet-metal plug from the ‘A’-post gusset plate (visible after detaching the inside ‘A’-post trim) and push the aerial cable through to the inside.

Run the aerial cable along the wiring harness to the radio installation point.

Take out the bolt.

Push a cable grommet over the aerial cable and press it into the hole from the inside.

Push aerial holder over aerial and secure it. With the bolt previously removed, attach the aerial holder to the side panel.

518 — M 535i

Align the aerial with screws (1 — 2) so that the base tube extends out of the gap between the body panels without touching them. The engine compartment lid an door must not be damaged when they ar closed.

315 — 323i (not illustrated)

Trim the aerial in accordance with the car radio manufacturer’s instructions.

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