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Installation kit for Electrically Controlled Exterior Mirror (Passenger’s side) BMW 7 Series (E23) (-> Fg 9/82)

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BMW Installation Instructions

All work is shown on a LHD model. On RHD models some operations will be symmetrically opposite.

Disconnect negative cable from battery. Remove screws (1 … 4).

Remove screw and take off trim on shelf.

Disconnect cable from automatic fuses for electrical windowlifter.

Remove retaining plate.

Expose existing round plug.

Connect long cable from installation kit to exposed round plug and run it along the existing wire harness to the door column on the passenger’s side.

Lift off cover, remove screw and window crank with thrust washer.

Remove screw for cover from below. Detach armrest from door at upper end.

Detach armrest from door at lower end.

Remove screw and finger plate over.

Lift door trim out of clips and remove down wards. Fitting note: The conical spring on the window crank must be fitted with the large diameter towards the trim panel. Check clips and replace if necessary.

Remove plastic foil carefully.

Remove plug in door and door column.

Insert wire harness from installation kit and rubber grommets. Long side towards door shell.

If an electrically operated window lifter is installed, the existing wire harness can be used.

Disconnect glove box links.

Partially remove door column trim.

Run wire harness through large rubber grommet into the passenger compartment.

Connect round plug (1 ) to plug on long cable.

If necessary, connect flat type plugs (2) for central locking system. Secure plug with existing cable clamp.

Run cable inside door shell and secure it with cable clamps.

Cover cable clamps with insulating tape.

If necessary, connect plug for central locking system.

Lift inner cover out.

Remove screws and outside mirror trim.

Punch out prepressed hole in the cover. Place connector for electrically operated exterior mirror into cutout.

Note: On vehicles with electrical window lifter, the cable for electrical exterior mirror is attached to the existing wire harness, the connector being bent backwards.

Place rubber sealing on mirror.

Connect plugs from mirror.

Install mirror on passenger’s door.

Be careful not to jam the cables.

Press out existing mirror switch in driver’s door and install mirror switch with change-over switch. Connect negative cable to battery. Check operation. Reinstall all parts removed, glue on trims.

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