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Installation kit for fog lights BMW 7 series models E23 from 9/82 on

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BMW Installation Instructions

730 63 077

Disconnect the negative lead from the battery.

Cut out the front trim at left and right.

730 63 068

Unscrew the bumper retaining bolts in the wheel arch at left and right.

730 63 078

Loosen the nut at left and right.

730 63 079

Remove spoiler (1) at left and right.

730 63 080

Remove undertray.

730 51 013

Unscrew the bolt at left and right.

On cars with an on-board computer, disconnect the temperature sensor plug.

Take off the bumper to the front.

730 63 069

Attach sheet-metal nuts to the fog lights.

730 63 081

Attach holders (1 and 2) with self-tapping screws.

Note: the left fog light is illustrated here.

730 63 082

Insert spreader nuts (1) in the bumper at left and right.

730 63 083

Attach the fog light to the bumper.

Align the fog light and tighten all retaining components. On models up to 9/84:

Attach holder (1) for the cable plug connection to the reinforcing rib.

On models from 9/84 on:

Release the tied-back plug connection (near the main headlight), connect it to the fog light connection cable and push into holter (1).

730 63 084

On models up to 9/84:

Run the wiring harness for the fog lights along the headlight wiring harness to the fog light installation points. Secure earth lead (1) to the central earthing point as well. Connect plug (2).

730 63 085

Attach bumper.

Unscrew bolts.

Remove retaining frame (1).

Take headlight insert (2) out of the housing.

730 63 073

Insert bulbs.

When installing:

Do not touch the bulb glass with bare fingers.

730 63 086

Lift out the fog light switch.

730 63 087

Disconnect red plug (1).

Connect white plug (2).

Re-install switch.

730 63 088

Insert fuses (7.5 Amp) (1…2) in fuse holders 29 and 30. Insert relay (3) in relay socket K8.

730 63 076

Adjusting fog light beams

Check tyre pressures and adjust if necessary.

The car must be in the normal load position1).

Check the fog lights using optical adjusting equipment, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

To make adjustments:

Turn screw (1) to adjust fog light alignment.

1) = 2 x 68 kg on front seats (seats in centre position)

1 x 68 kg on rear seat (in centre)

21 kg in luggage compartment (in centre)

Fuel tank full

Functional check

Connect the negative lead to the battery. Switch on the ignition and dipped-beam headlights. Move the fog light switch to position 1; the fog lights and the green telltale lamp in the combined instrument must come on.

Move the fog light switch to position 2; the fog lights, rear fog light and the two telltale lamps (green/yellow) in the combined instrument must come on.

Both the fog lights and the rear fog light can be switched on with the main headlights dipped or on full beam*. Install all parts and equipment removed during installation work.

* Note: local regulations may vary.

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