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Installation instructions for ski bag BMW 3 Series (E30) models

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BMW Installation Instructions

The ski bag can only be installed in conjunction with a rear seat centre armrest (special equipment option).

Tools and materials required:

Multi-purpose pliers
Socket wrench, 10 mm across flats
Power drill
Twist drill, 6 mm dia.
Zinc powder paint
Small brush

30 51 550

Take out the luggage compartment floor mat. Removing the luggage compartment bulkhead trim: Pull out the expanding rivet.

Take out the plug. Remove the trim.

30 52 032

Removing the rear seat base and back: Lift out the rear seat base.

Unscrew the bolts (1) and detach the seat back by lifting it out of the keepers (2).

30 51 551

Cut out the perforated fleece material.

Drill 6 mm dia. holes at the centre-punch marks and drive out the cover.

30 51 552

Deburr the edges and coat with zinc powder paint to pro­ tect against corrosion.

Remove drilling swart to prevent corrosion.

30 51 553

Attach the ski bag frame to the cutout from the rear. Re-install the rear seat base and back.

30 51 325

Clip the new bulkhead trim in the luggage compartment.

When installing:

Insert the plug first, then push in the expanding rivet.

1 = Expanding rivet
2 = Plug

30 51 544

Instructions for use:

Fold down the centre armrest. Release burr fastening (1).

Push catch (2) together and lift of f the centre armrest.

30 51 555

Disengage plastic holder (1) at the top and fold it for­ wards.

Operate release catch (2).

730 51 817

Secure the flap to the rear window shelf with magnet. Roll out the ski bag in the car interior. Load the skis through the luggage compartment.

Maximum ski length is 210 cm. The restricted width of the bag means that only two pairs of skis measuring 210 cm can be carried together.

General notes:

Clean ice and snow from the skis before inserting in the ski bag.

Load the skis in pairs with the tips pointing forwards. Clean the ski bag from time to time so that it does not collect water.

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