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Installation instructions for headlight cleaning system BMW 6 Series (E24) (from 6/87 on)

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BMW Installation Instructions

All instructions and illustrations are given for left-hand­ drive cars. On right-hand-drive models, some work must be carried out on the opposite side of the car or in mirror­ image fashion.

Tools and materials required:

Flat-bladed screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
Changeover ratchet (1/4 inch)
Extension (1/4 inch)
Pivot section (1/4 inch)
Socket insert (1/4 inch), 8 mm, 10 mm
Flat ring wrench, 10 – 11 mm, 16 – 17 mm
Double-ended wrench, 16 – 17 mm
Power drill
Angle power drill
Twist drill bits, 3.5 mm, 4 mm and 8 mm dia.
Centre punch
Masking tape
Measuring tape
White spirit



  1. Removing washer fluid tank
  2. Removing headlight covers
  3. Removing flashing turn indicators
  4. Removing grilles and headlight holders
  5. Modifying headlight holder
  6. Installing headlight washer jets
  7. Installing hose at grille
  8. Installing control unit
  9. Installing valve
  10. Connecting cable plugs
  11. Functional check

1. Removing washer fluid tank

F 24 61 002

Detach the rubber band from the washer fluid tank (ar­ row).

Pull the cable plugs off the level switch and windscreen washer pump.

Remove the windscreen washer pump. Lift out the washer fluid tank .

2. Removing headlight covers

F 24 61 003

Pull plastic hose (1) of f the air cleaner in the direction of the arrow.

Rotate the headlight cover locking screws at left and right (2) through 90°.

Remove the headlight covers.

F 24 61 004

On BMW M6 models:

Unscrew hex nuts (1) and remove holder (2). Press down loop (3) and pull off plug (4).

Release hose clip (5). Pull the rubber hose off the air cleaner. Lift the air cleaner together with the airflow me­ ter out of the engine compartment.

3. Removing flashing turn Indicators

630 63 028

Lift plug connections (1) for the front flashing turn indi­ cators on the left and right out of holders (2) and discon­ nect.

F 630 63 029

Remove hex nuts (1, 2) and the washers . Take out the flashing turn indicators.

4. Removing grilles and headlight holders

F 24 61 103

Remove Phillips screws (1) from the left and right grilles and lift off the grilles.

F 24 61 005

Mask off the bumper near the headlights on the left and right with masking tape.

Pull off the headlight cable plugs. Take out Phillips screws (1).

Take out hex screw (2). Remove angle (3). Carefully remove headlight holder (4).

6. Modifying headlight holder

F 24 61 006

Place mounting bracket (1) in position on headlight hol­ der (2).

Insert hex screws (3).

Place toothed washer (4) and hex nut (5) on hex screw (3) and tighten.


Illustrations are given for the left headlight holder. Work must be carried out on the right headlight holder in mirror-image fashion.

F 24 61 007

Pull of f headlight trim rings (1) in the direction of the arrow.

F 24 61 008

Install the new headlight trim rings. Numbers (1) are engraved on the trim rings.

Install the trim rings on the headlights as follows:

05 = Left high-beam headlight
07 = Left dipped-beam headlight
06 = Right high-beam headlight
08 = Right dipped-beam headlight

The headlight tab (3) must be fitted in slot (2) on all head­ lights.

F 24 61 009

Fit hex nut (1) on wiper motor shaft (2) and tighten. Inset wiper motor (3) with toothed washer (4) and spacer sleeve (5) in mounting bracket (6).

F 24 61 010

Place toothed washer (1) together with hex nut (2) on wi­ per motor shaft (3). Adjust wiper motor (4) to vertical posi­ tion and tighten hex nut (2).

Push on rubber grommet (5).

F 24 61 011

Install reverse motion lever (1) and spacer sleeve (2). Align reverse motion lever (1) so that it is at 45° to the horizontal.

Tighten spacer sleeve (2). Push on cover (3).

F 24 61 012

Insert wiper axle bearing (1) together with spacer sleeve (2) in mounting bracket (4).

Fit retaining angle (3) with toothed washer (5) and hex nut (6).

F 24 61 013

Fasten retaining angle (1) to headlight holder (5) with hex screw (2), toothed washer (3) and hex nut (4).

Tighten hex nut (6).

F 24 61 014

Attach rod (1) to reverse motion levers (2, 3).

Push wiper blades on to wiper arms.

F 24 61 016

Place left and right wiper arms (1) on wiper motor shafts (2) as illustrated.

Fit spring washers (3) and hex nuts (4) and tighten. Push on cover caps (5).

6. Installing headlight washer jets

F 24 61 017

Cut out the pre-formed apertures (arrows) in the left and right grilles.

F 24 61 018

Attach the drilling templates for high and dipped head­ lights to the grille. Mark the holes.


The dimensions of the high-beam and dipped-beam headlight drilling templates are different.

The grilles are double-walled.

  1. Pierce tirst wall with 8 mm twist dri 11 bit
  2. Pierce second wall with 4 mm twist drill bit (Left grille as illustrated, right grille in mirror-image fashion).

630 61 060

Push on the clips (arrows) for the headlight washer jets.

630 61 061

Place headlight washer jets in position. Insert self­ tapping screws and drive in.

7. Installing hose at grille

F 24 61 019

Push hoses (1) on to washer jets (2) as illustrated. Insert distributor piece (3).

8. Installing control unit

F 24 61 020

Mark and centre-punch hole (arrow) in the front right panel, then pierce with a 3.5 mm twist drill bit.

A = 40 mm
B = 6 mm

F 24 61 021

Push plug (1) from additional wiring harness (2) on to control unit (3).

Mount control unit (3) and earth connection (4) on the front panel with retaining screw (5).

Install additional wiring harness (2) in the engine com­ partment.

F 24 61 022

Push rubber grommet (1) into cutout (2). Push cable plug (3) from the additional wiring harness on to tied-back connection (4).

F 24 61 023

Push the hose into the plastic sleeve included in the in­ stallation kit.

Install the additional wiring harness und hose in the area marked by arrows and secure to the car’s main wiring with cable straps.

Install left and right headlight holders Install angles on left and right.

Push cable plugs on to the headlights.

When installing:

Carry out the removal procedure in reverse order.

9. Installing valve

F 24 61 024

Push hose (1) f rom the left headlight holder on to connec­ tion (2) of valve (3). Push hose (4) on to connection (5). Run hose (4) to the right headlight holder.

Push headlight washer pump hose (6) on to connection (7).

F 24 61 025

Pass hose (1) through hole (2) in the left and right head­ light holders.

Push hose (1) on to the distributor piece on the grille.

Install the grilles on the left and right. Important:

Make sure the hoses are not bent or squashed.

Pull the masking tape off the bumper. Remove any remai­ ning adhesive with white spirit.

Install and connect the left and right f lashing turn indica­ tors.

Check that the indicators and headlights are f unctioning correctly and adjust the headlight setting if necessary.

Install the headlight covers on both sides.

On BMW M6 models:

Install the air f ilter and airflow meter.

On all models:

Install the headlight cleaning system washer pump on the left side of the washer fluid tank.

10. Connecting cable plugs

F 24 61 015

Connect the standard windscreen washer pump cable plug (1) to plug (2) on the additional wiring harness.

Push cable plugs (3, 4) f rom the additional wiring har­ ness on to the washer pumps.

When installing:

The cable plugs are of different designs and only fit on the appropriate pump.

Push on the plug from the level switch.

Install the washer fluid tank.

Push the hose from the valve on to the headlight washer pump.

Fill up the tank with an appropriate cleaning fluid according to the manufacturer’s instructions and press on the cover.

11. Functional check

Turn the ignition key to position 1 and switch on the side lights. Activate the windscreen washing system switch. The headlight cleaning system functions for approx. 5 seconds, then switches off automatically. Check the wi· per blade setting during operation. The headlight cleaning system can only be switched on again after 30 seconds. Adjust the washer jets with a pin.

F 24 61 027

Drilling templates for dipped-beam headlights Key:

A = Right
B = Left
C = Rear edge of headlight recess
D = 8 mm hole, first wall
E = 4 mm hole, second wall
F = Aligning edge

F 24 61 028

Drilling templates for high-beam headlights Key:

A = Right
B = Left
C = Rear edge of headlight recess
D = 8 mm hole, first wall
E = 4 mm hole, second wall
F = Aligning edge

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