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Installation instructions for wide-angle mirror glass – driver’s side BMW 3, 5 and 7 Series and E12, E21, E23 and E28 left-hand-drive models

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BMW Installation Instructions

Instructions and illustrations are given for left-hand-drive vehicles.

On right-hand-drive models, work must be carried out on the opposite side of the car in mirror-image fashion.

Tools required:
Flat-bladed screwdriver

F 28 51 027

Remove the existing mirror glass

Insert the flat-tipped screwdriver into the locking mechanism through the opening (1) in the door mirror (2). Move the screwdriver in the direction of the arrow to release the lock (3).

Take out the existing mirror glass.

On heated exterior mirrors:

Pull of f the mirror heating system plug.

F 28 51 028

Installing the wide-angle mirror glass

If necessary, plug in the mirror heating cable.

Install the wide-angle mirror glass (1) in the exterior mirror (3) with the teeth of the mechanism (2) facing downwards.

Insert the screwdriver through opening (4) and move it in the direction of the arrow to close the locking mechanism.


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