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Automatic Dipping Rear-View Mirror BMW 5 Series E34 as of 525i / BMW 7 Series E32 as of 9/87

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BMW Installation Instructions

F 32 51 161

Necessary Tools and Aids:

Screwdriver for recessed crosshead screws
Torx screwdriver T20
Universal cutter
Adhesive tape

F 31 51 020

Swivel retaining arm (1) of rear-view mirror (2) by 30° in the direction indicated by the arrow and remove from retaining bracket.

F 32 51 163

Using a screwdriver, lever off interior lamp (1) at the point marked (arrow).

F 32 51 170

Model with electrically operated sunroof

Using a screwdriver, remove cover (1) from electric motor of the electric sunroof at the point marked (arrow).

F 32 51 164

Model with mechanically operated sunroof

Unscrew recessed crosshead screw (1).

Remove cover (2)

Unscrew recessed crosshead screws (3).

Remove moulded cover (4).

F 32 51 165

Using a screwdriver, lift out panel (1) at the point marked (arrow) and remove.

F 32 51 166


On models equipped with make-up mirror, note the cable connections (4) at the sun visor (1) and the retainer (2).

All models

Release sun visor (1) from the retainer (2) and turn to the side. Unscrew Torx screws (3).

Remove sun visor (1) and retainer (2).

F 32 51 167


Do not kink when removing the vehicle headliner.

Depending on the model, the cable (2) is tied back on the left-hand or right-hand side of the vehicle on the wire harness. Carefully pull down vehicle headliner (1).

Pull tied back wire (2) with the 3-pin plug between the windscreen and headliner.

F 31 51 024

Fit automatic dipping rear-view mirror (1) on the retaining fixture (2), turn in the direction indicated by the arrow until it is heard to engage in position.

Pull any excess wire under the headliner.

Install removed parts in the reverse order of removal.

F 32 51 169

Function Check

Switch on ignition and low beam.

Cover photoelectric cell (1) at the rear of the mirror with adhesive tape.

Set slide control (2) in mid-position and shine torch on photoelectric cell (3).

The automatically dipping rear-view mirror dips and the indicator LED (4) lights up.

Slide control mid-position
= normal sensitivity

Slide control to left
= decreasing sensitivity Slide control completely to left
= no automatic dipping

Slide control to right
= increasing sensitivity Slide control completely to right
= permanently dipped

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