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Safety lock for luggage compartment lid BMW 7 Series (E32)

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BMW Installation Instructions

Installation work is shown for the left-hand side of the car, and must be carried out on the right-hand side in a mirror­ image fashion.

Drilling instructions

Remove all swart. De-burr the edges of the drilled holes and coat them with zinc powder paint. Treat body cavities with a body cavity sealant approved by BMW.

When installing:

The central locking system should be out of action at the lug­ gage compartment lid.

The following parts must also be installed in conjunction with the safety lock:

Rear trim (BMW Parts No. 51 47 8 102 566)

Rear trim bracket (BMW Parts No. 51 47 8 105 666)

Cars with towing attachment:

Rear trim bracket (BMW Parts No. 51 47 1 g5g 166).

Cars up to 6/87 will require a new lock (BMW Parts No. 51 24 1 957 966.1) and catch (BMW Parts No. C 51 24 1 557 991).

These BMW parts are not included in the installation kit, and have to be supplied separately.

Tools and auxiliary materials required:

Twist drill bits 3.5 mm and 6.5 mm in diameter
1/4 inch changeover ratchet
1/4 inch extension
1/4 inch socket wrench insert, 8 mm and 10 mm across flats
Phillips-head screwdriver
Lever for detaching door trim
6 mm Allen key
Internal circlip pliers
Universal knife
Tape measure
Adhesive tape
Protective goggles
Body cavity sealant
Zinc powder paint
Paint brush
Soluble pen
Cleaning cloth

F 34 71 031

Open the luggage compartment lid.

Disengage catch (1), open tool box (2), turn retaining bolt (3) through goo, and lift it out.

Take out Phillips-head screws (4). Detach tool box (2).

F 32 51 138

Take out luggage compartment light (1) from luggage com­ partment lid (2).

Disconnect cable plug (3). Remove clips (arrows) from lug­ gage compartment lid trim (4).

Remove luggage compartment lid trim (4).

F 32 51 139

Take out luggage compartment mat (1).

Turn locking studs (2) through go0 , and remove them. Detach rear trim (3).


Rear trim (3) is no longer required.

F 34 71 007

Knock out spreader rivet pin (1) in the direction of the arrow. Lift out the spreader rivets. Remove rear trim support (2).

When installing:

Remove all the spreader rivet pins (1) from the luggage com­ partment so that they can be used again.

Rear trim support (2) is no longer required.

F 32 51 140

Unclip cable retainer (1), and place it with its cable to one side inside the luggage compartment lid cavity.

Mark drilling positions (2) as shown in the drawing.

A = 470.5 mm
B = 16.0 mm
C = 15.0 mm
D = 57.0 mm


Max. drilling depth 30 mm.

Punchmark the marked drilling positions (2), drill the holes with a 3.5 mm diameter twist drill, then open out to a diameter of 6.5 mm.


Comply with the drilling instructions on page 1.

F 32 51 141

Pass counterplate (1) through aperture (2) in the luggage compartment lid cavity, and position it over drilled holes (3). Prevent counterplate from slipping out of position by secur­ ing it with adhesive tape.

F 32 51 142

Position striker bracket (1) over drilled holes (2) in luggage compartment lid (3), and fasten hex screws (4) (M 6 x 16) us­ing counterplate (5).

Clip on cable retainer at cutout.

Remove adhesive tape from counterplate.

F 32 51 143

Unscrew and remove hex nuts (1).

Carefully detach the rear light.

Unclip cable retainer (2). Lift out fuse (3) for cable plug. Unclip cable plug (4).


Cable retainer (2) is no longer required.

F 32 51 144

Mark drilling positions (1), as in the drawing.

A = 17 mm
B = 77 mm
C = 11 mm
D = 15 mm
E = 20 mm


Max. drilling depth 20 mm

Punchmark the marked drilling positions, drill with a 3.5 mm diameter twist drill bit, then open out to a diameter of 6.5 mm.

Note: Comply with the drilling instructions on page 1.

F 32 51 145

Hold counterplate (1) over drilled holes (3) behind panel (2). Hold lock (4) over drilled holes (3) and against panel (2), then fasten the 2 hex screws (5) (M 6 x 16) using counterplate (1).

F 32 51 146

Position spacer sleeve (1) between endplate (2) and lock (3). From the outside, pass hex screw (4) (M 6 x 30) with washer

(5) and spring washer (6) through endplate (2) and spacer sleeve (1), and screw it into welded-on square nut (7) on lock (3).


The cables pass between lock (3) and endplate (2).

F 32 51 147

Clip on cable plug (1), press in cable plug fuse (2) and install the rear light again in the reverse order of work. Using cable strap, lash down cable (3) at cutout (4).

F 32 51 148

Detach connecting rod (1) from rod retainer (2) and unhook it from actuating drive (3). Take out hex screws (4), and detach lock (5).


Connecting rod (1) is no longer required. When taking out hex screws (4), hold the catch firmly on the outside.

Lock (5) is no longer required for cars up to 6/87.

F 32 51 149

Detach catch. Unclip rod retainer (1).Take off retaining ring (2). Detach upper section (3) of the connecting piece.


Internal circlip (4) is held in place by spring tension. Remove internal circlip (4).


Upper section (3) of the connecting piece, washer (5), and the ball bearings and springs (which fall out when upper sec­ tion (3) is removed) are no longer required.

The catch is also no longer required on cars up to 6/87.

F 32 51 150

Press out striker cylinder (1) from casing, and detach ten­ sion spring (2). Knock out retaining pin (3) downwards. Detach lower section 64) of the connecting piece.


Lower section (4) of the connecting piece and retaining pin (3) are no longer required.

F 32 51 151


Fit washer (1) on to connecting piece (2) at the specified position only.

Only fit retaining pin (3) after the catch has been assembled. Assemble the catch in the same order as shown in the drawing.

Carry out a functional check.


The striker cylinder can now be moved to two positions only.

F 32 51 152

Clip rod retainers (1) into holes (2) in connecting piece (3). Install the lock and catch in the reverse order of work.


Comply with the installation instructions on page 1.

F 32 51 153


Press the left-hand connecting rod into the upper rod re­ tainer (5) and the right-hand connecting rod into the lower rod retainer (6).

Insert connecting rods (1) into holes (2) in lock (3), and press them into rod retainers (5) and (6) in connecting piece (4). Carry out another functional check.

F 32 51 154

Slacken Allen screw (1) to align striker (2).

Carefully close luggage compartment lid (3), and open it again.

Tighten Allen screw (1).

F 32 51 155

Cut out the template (included).

Attach the template to the luggage compartment lid trim us­ ing adhesive tape – as in the drawing – and carefully cut out the recess for striker (2).


On cars with markings stamped on the luggage compart­ ment lid trim, cut out the marked section.

F 32 51 156

Attach the luggage compartment lid trim to the luggage compartment lid.

Fit the striker bracket trim on to the striker bracket. Attach rear trim bracket (1) to endplate (2).

Insert spreader rivets (3) into holes (4), and press spreader rivet pins (5) into the spreader rivets.

Check correct operation of the rear lights.

F 32 51 157

Install rear trim (1) into the luggage compartment. Insert locking studs (2) into holes (3) in rear trim (1), and lock them into rear trim bracket (3).


Re-assemble parts previously removed in the reverse order of work as appropriate.

Check operation of the rear lights.

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