Repair instructions for rear window BMW 3 Series E30 Convertible and BMW Z1

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BMW Installation Instructions

The necessary tools and the other materials needed are contained in the repair kit.

F30 51 488

Attach double-sided adhesive tape to the four corners of the rear window.

F30 51 498

Take fleece material (already shaped to fit) from the kit, place it in position and stick it firmly to the four adhesive points.

F30 51 623

Place the rear window on the soft top and align.

F30 51 624

Locate rear window and fix down.


Insert needle into stitching holes.

F30 51 625

Mark the new rear window.

Draw the marking line (1) 8 mm from the soft top edge (2) on the new rear window.

F30 51 626

Cut rear window to required size.


Place rear window on a level, padded base in order to cut it out.

The knife is shaped like a pen; the blade is stored inside.

F30 51 500

Cut through the old rear window at one rounded corner us­ ing the knife supplied.

F30 51 497

Score the rear window along the soft top at all remaining edges as far as half-way through the window’s thickness.

F30 51 495

Separate the first seam using a knife.


Be careful not to damage the soft top.

F30 51 489

Remove the threads from the inside and outside.

F30 51 486

Mark the old stitching holes with the white marker pen.

F30 51 487

Fit the trimmed rear window into the soft top.

Verdeckstoff = Soft top material 8 mm

Naht = Seam

neue Heckscheibe = New rear window DichtschweiBung nicht losbar = Permanent heat seal

alte Heckscheibe = Old rear window Heckfensterstreifen = Rear window strip

F30 51 627


Locate the new rear window carefully; it should be an exact fit.

F30 51 485

Adjust rear window and securely stitch on with 1O stitching needles.

F30 51 491

Remove the needles in the upper area and apply adhesive to rear window .


Adhesive mix ratio: 95% adhesive

5% hardener

It takes 12 hours for the adhesive to harden completely . En­ sure that no adhesive is applied to visible parts of the rear window, since it is impossible to remove this adhesive later .

F30 51 484

Stick the upper section of the rear window to the soft top.


Allow adhesive to dry.

F30 51 496

Lift up soft top material and apply adhesive to upper section of rear window.

F30 51 492

Remove stitching needles in the lower section and apply adhesive to rear window .

F30 51 499

Apply adhesive to lower rear window section of soft top.


Allow adhesive to dry.

F30 51 490

Stick lower section of rear window into soft top.

F30 51 493

  • Two people should do the stitching (one on the inside, one on the outside).
  • The stitching holes can be made larger by using the awl.
  • Two needles and two threads are used for stitching so that a seam of symmetrical appearance is produced.

F30 51 494

Take hold of the old rear window with fleece cover material at the corner which has been cut through, and remove it.


The knife may have to be used at certain points to detach the old rear window .

Check the rear window later on for water leaking in.

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