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Bavaria C Professional HiFi system without CD changer BMW 7 Series (E32)

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BMW Installation Instructions

Specialist knowledge required.

Installation time approx. 4 – 5 hours, but can vary according to the condition and equipment of the vehicle.


Instructions and illustrations are given here for left-hand drive cars. On right-hand drive models the various work stages have to be carried out in mirror-image fashion.

Assembly instructions

Additional cable connectors and self-adhesive cable clips are required when installing the additional radio wiring harness.

Drilling instructions

Deburr the edges of the drilled holes and coat with zinc powder paint

Tools required:

Screwdrivers , Nos. 2 , 4
Phillips screwdrivers, Nos. 2, 4
1/4″ ratchet
1/4″ extension
1/4″ socket wrenches, 10, 13, 17 and 19 mm across flats
Double-ended wrench, 12/13 mm across flats
2.5 mm Allen key
Wallpapering knife
Plastic adhesive
3 mm and 6 mm bits
Centre punch
Water-soluble marker
Tape measure



  1. Removing rear seat base and back
  2. Removing luggage compartment trims
  3. Removing left front seat
  4. Disconnecting battery
  5. Removing rear shelf
  6. Exposing cable duct
  7. Removing lower left instrument panel trim
  8. Removing left footwell trim
  9. Removing right footwell trim
  10. Removing instrument cluster
  11. Installing additional wiring harness
  12. Installing connecting cable control and receiver (2nd component)
  13. Installing amplifier
  14. Installing receiver stage (2nd component) 
  15. Installing rear loudspeakers
  16. Installing footwell loudspeakers
  17. Installing tweeters in mirror triangles
  18. Installing mid-range loudspeakers at the front
  19. Installing radio control unit

1. Removing rear seat base and back

F 32 65 003

Lift seat base (1) out of its holder in the direction of the arrows.

F 32 65 004

Fold the centre armrest down, press together the catches in the direction of the arrows and remove the centre armrest.

F 32 65 584

Take off head restraint (1 ), lift out trims (2) and pull out rods (3).

F 32 65 585

Unscrew the four nuts (1), lift up the seat back out of its holders and pull out sideways under the seat belts.

2. Removing luggage compartment trims

F 32 65 586

Removing luggage compartment trims

Take out the luggage compartment mat and remove trim on rear bulkhead (1) after turning and removing the plastic screws (2).

On models equipped with ski bag:

Lift out the ski bag (3) backwards after first taking out the middle armrest in the passenger section rearwards .


If the car is fitted with a ski bag or cool box, the rear bulkhead is divided into two.

F 32 65 587

Remove the centre trim section at the rear by turning clips (1) through 90″.

Remove the side trim at the rear left.

3. Removing left front seat

F 32 65 010

Move the seat forward to its front stop and raise to highest seat position.

Detach wire cable (1) for the seat belt height adjustment. Remove the screw (2) from the belt holder.

F 32 65 011

Remove the retaining screws on the seat rails (see arrows) . Push the seat back to its rear stop and remove the head restraint.

F 32 65 588

Raise the seat at the rear until it can be pushed out of the mounting brackets.

If the car is fitted with electric seat adjustment or heating, release cable connectors and disconnect plugs (see arrow) .

4. Disconnecting the battery


When the battery is disconnected , the fault memories are automatically erased.

Print out the fault memories.

F32 65 589

To disconnect the battery, remove cover (1) from the rear seat base.

Disconnect the negative cable from the earthing point. Disconnect additional battery if there is one.

5. Removing rear shelf

F 32 65 590

Lever out the four plug rivets and pull the rear cover forward in the direction of the arrows. Take off the insulating mat.

6. Exposing cable duct on the left side

F 32 65 591

Lever out the front and rear cover strips (1) from the left door sill with a screwdriver.

Pull off the edge protection (2) from the lower part of the door sill roughly half way up the sill.

Lever off both press studs (3) on the left 8-post trim.

F 32 65 592

Fold back carpet and undo the cable covers (see arrows) by removing the spreader rivets (1) on the left side of the car.

F 32 65 593

Remove the wiring harness (1) and (2) in the luggage compartment.

7. Removing lower left instrument panel trim

F32 65 594

Open the glove box, disconnect the retaining strap (1), unscrew three screws (2) and remove the lid (3).

Lift out the inner trim of the storage compartment.

F 32 65 037

Adjust the telescopic steering wheel adjustment to the fully extended position.

Undo screws (see arrows) and lift out trim.

F 32 65 595

Pull off the plug from the gong (arrow) and remove trim (1).

8. Removing left footwell trim

F 34 65 006

Remove the cap (1), take out screw (2) and pull off lever (3). Turn screws (4) through 90° and remove footwell trim.

9. Removing right footwell trim

F 32 65 598

Remove the cap (1), turn screw (2) through 90° and remove footwell trim.

10. Removing instrument cluster

F 34 65 009

Undo two Philips screws (1) and pull out the instrument cluster (2) as far as possible.

11. Installing additional wiring harness

F 32 65 599

To make assembly easier, carefully lever out the tabs on the retaining bracket (1) in the direction of the arrow and pull out the bracket.

F 32 65 600

Feed through the plug for connecting up the radio control unit at the point indicated (see arrow) and run it over the steering column to the position where the radio control unit is going to be installed.

Run the wiring harness in the direction shown in the picture and connect to the available cable connector.

F 32 65 601

Connect the 8 pin plug on the wiring harness to the corresponding tied-back plug connected to the vehicle (see arrow).

F 32 65 602


The 2 pin plug for the parallel display (1) remains tied back.

F 32 65 603

Connect the white plug (1) on the wiring harness with the corresponding black plug tied back in the footwell section.

Run the wiring harness rearwards on the left side of the vehicle and connect the mains plug (see arrow).

F 32 65 604

Lay the wiring harness on the left side of the vehicle in the cable duct to the rear and connect the plug for the power supply (Reil).

F 32 65 605


The adaptor cable supplied in the installation kit (1) should be used for models built before 08/90.

F 32 65 606

Lift up the rubber grommet (1), cut out the corresponding apertures and run the wiring harness and the antenna cable (3) through into the luggage compartment.

Run the loudspeaker cable (2) to the rear shelf as shown in the picture.


Apply soap to the grommet to facilitate installation.

F 32 65 607

Run the loudspeaker cable under the clips (see arrows) on the rear shelf.

F 32 65 608

Run the cable into the luggage compartment as shown in the picture and secure with four retaining straps (1).

12. Installing cable for connecting radio control unit to the receiver (2nd component)

F 32 65 609

Run the plug (1) on the connecting cable parallel to the additional wiring harness over the steering column to the location of the radio control unit.

F 32 65 610

Run the connecting cable along the cable duct on the left side of the car to the rear bulkhead and through the rubber grommet into the luggage compartment.

13. Installing amplifier

F 32 65 612

Insert the two plugs from the additional cable harness in the sockets of matching colour on the amplifier.


The plug (1) is not necessary and remains tied back.

F 32 65 613

Attach the amplifier with three screws (arrows) on the left side of the luggage compartment.

14. Installing receiver stage (2nd component)

F 32 65 232

Centre-punch the three pre-marked apertures on the right side of the rear shelf section.

Pre-drill the centre-punched apertures with a 3 mm bit and widen to 6 mm.

F 32 65 234

Insert the receiver bracket underneath and fasten with nuts and washers (see arrows).

F 32 65 614

Slide the receiver (1) into the bracket (2) and fasten with a screw (3).

F 32 65 615

Join the connecting cable (1), the antenna cable (2) and the additional wiring harness plug and fix onto the receiver bracket with cable connectors.

F 32 65 616

Fit the cover (1) into the slots (2) and fasten with clips(3).

15. Installing rear loudspeakers

F 32 65 025

Cut out the pre-marked sections (see arrows) in the insulating mat with a wallpaper knife.

F 34 65 442

Insert three spreader nuts (1) on each side.

F 32 65 028

Affix four sheet-metal nuts (see arrows) to the tabs on the dish.

F 32 65 443

Secure dish (1) with three self-tapping screws on each side.

F 32 65 030

Take out the loudspeaker cover supplied in the installation kit. Push the two sheet-metal nuts (see arrows) onto the loudspeaker cover.

F 32 65 031

Place the tweeter in position and secure with two self-tapping screws (see arrows).

F 32 65 617

Connect the loudspeaker cable to tweeter (1) and mid-range/woofer unit (2).

F 32 65 618

Place the loudspeaker in the dish, then place the cover on top and secure both items with four raised-head self-tapping screws (1) (black, with washer).

16. Installing footwell loudspeakers

F 32 65 043

Remove insulating material from the footwell loudspeaker cutouts.

F 32 65 044

Place loudspeaker (1) on the footwell trim from behind. Place the spring washers in position and secure the loudspeaker with four nuts (see arrows).

F 32 65 046

Connect up the loudspeaker cables (see arrows) and install footwell trim.


On models built from 9/87 on, the wires for the right footwell loudspeaker are tied back in the A-post.

17. Installing the tweeters In the mirror triangles


If the loudspeaker wire is not tied back in the mirror triangle area, the door trim must be removed.

Removing door trim

F 32 65 047

Unscrew and remove the door lock button (see arrow) .

F 32 65 048

Lift out the light and disconnect the plug.

F 32 65 049

Lift out the trim panel.

F 32 65 050

Remove screw (arrow).

F 32 65 051

Lift out trim panel (1).

F 32 65 052

Remove screw (1).

F 32 65 053

Pull off the trim.

Disconnect the door handle and lift up the trim to remove.

When installing:

Renew any damaged clips.

F 32 65 054

When installing:

Pull the clip (see arrow) out of the trim and insert.

F 32 65 055

The loudspeaker cable (see arrow) is tied back in the area indicated.

F 32 65 056

Installing tweeters in mirror triangles

Release the loudspeaker cable and run it to the loudspeaker location as shown by the drawing.

F 32 65 057

Insert plastic nut (1) from the installation kit in the mirror triangle as shown by the drawing.

F 32 65 058

Secure the loudspeaker housing with screw (1).

F 32 65 059

Attach the loudspeaker cable (see arrows) to the loudspeaker and press into the housing.

F 32 65 060

Secure the loudspeaker with the screw .

18. Installing mid-range loudspeakers at the front

F 32 65 061

Installing mid-range loudspeakers

Lever off trim panel (1) with a small screwdriver.

F 32 65 062

Plug the loudspeaker cable (see arrow) on to the loudspeaker.


The loudspeaker wires to the mid-range loudspeaker locations are installed as standard in the instrument panel.

Fix the tweeters onto the instrument panel with two sheet-metal nuts on each side of the car.

F 32 65 063

Insert each loudspeaker into the cutout and secure with two screws (see arrows).

19. Installing radio control unit

F 32 65 158

Lever out trim panel covering the cutout and install holder (1) as shown by the drawing.


The installation kit contains two holders: one for right-hand-drive models and one for left-hand-drive models (the illustrated holder is for a left-hand-drive model).

F 32 65 619

Screw pin (1) on to the radio, pre-assemble the plug (2) with the housing retainer (4) in the bush housing (3) and attach the housing to the radio control unit.

F 32 65 620

Remove front trim panel of the radio control unit. Slide unit into the opening and tighten hexagonal socket screw. Attach trim panel.

Assemble the remaining vehicle parts by carrying out the removal procedure in reverse order.

Connect the battery.

Carry out a functional check.

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