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Stereo system 1 – BMW 5 Series touring (E34)

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BMW Installation Instructions

The work must be carried out by a skilled person familiar with the equipment.

Installation time approx. 5 – 6 hours, but depends on the car’s condition and equipment specification.

Important installation notes:

1 Installing wiring

To prevent electrical interference, always keep to the precise wiring paths specified at various points on the car.

Never use “Scotchlok” quick connectors, as these could interfere with the car’s electrical system.

Make sure that wiring is not kinked or otherwise damaged when installing it on the vehicle; extensive work may be needed to trace such faults later, if they cause interference. Note that BMW cannot accept the cost of such rectification work.

2 Installing equipment

Check the intended installation position before starting work. Always use only BMW-approved parts for this installation.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) depend on the car’s equipment specification; they are only standard on certain models or on certain national markets, or are available as optional extras or accessories.


All work is illustrated on a car with left-hand drive. On right­ hand-drive cars, certain work must be performed in a mirror­ image fashion.

Assembly instructions:

When installing the auxiliary wiring harness you will need additional cable straps and self-adhesive cable clips.

Tools and other equipment needed

Screwdrivers Nos. 2, 4
Phillips-head screwdrivers Nos. 2, 4
1/4-inch ratchet head
1/4-inch extension
1/4-inch socket wrenches, 10, 13, 17, 18 and 19 mm
Double-ended wrench, 12 – 13 mm; 10 mm wrench
Torx key
Side cutters
Allen key, 2.5 mm
Wallpaper knife
Plastic adhesive
Power drill
Drill bits, 3 and 6 mm dia.
Water-soluble marker pen
Tape measure


Section Page of German instructions

  1. Removing rear seat cushion and seat back
  2. Removing load area trim and roof lining
  3. Removing left front seat
  4. Disconnecting battery
  5. Disconnecting second battery
  6. Exposing left wiring duct
  7. Detaching lower left fascia trim
  8. Removing left footwell trim
  9. Removing right footwell trim
  10. Removing instrument cluster
  11. Installing radio wiring harness
  12. Installing loudspeakers in the roof
  13. Installing footwell loudspeakers
  14. Installing front mid-range loudspeakers
  15. Installing control unit

1. Removing rear seat cushion and seat back

F 34 65 505

Fold down the left seat back and remove the upholstered section on the left side (1).

F 34 65 506

Unscrew and remove screw (1), push against engaging claw (2) and lift out seat back.

F 34 65 507

Remove trim on belt catches (1): lever out nipple (2) with the screwdriver. Then insert screwdriver in trim (1), push towards the tail and remove trim (1). Lift up rear seat (3) and remove.

2. Removing tailgate trim and roof lining

F 34 65 508

Press button to lift out left and right side trims.

F 34 65 509

Remove covers (1) and (2) and sealing rubber from the tailgate.

F 34 65 511

Remove spare wheel cover (1), (2), (3) and (4).

F 34 65 512

Pull push-in rivets (1) out of the rear trim (2) and lever out trim.


Do not re-use the spreader rivets.

F 34 65 513

Unscrew and remove screw (1) from left and right D-post trim (2).

Lever out trim cover (3) from belt mounting (4), unscrew and remove screw (5), remove belt mounting (4) and D-post trim (2).

F 34 65 514

Pull off left and right edge protection near C and D-posts.

F 34 65 519

Remove trim (1) from left C-post.

F 34 65 515

Remove left and right side lights (1), disconnect plug (2) and pull trim (3) downwards (do not remove).

F 34 65 516

Place finger through the side light recess and press out push-in rivet (1) downwards (left and right).

F 34 65 517

Bend roof lining (1) gently at one end, pull sideways out of the fixture (2) and remove. Disconnect plug from load area light (3).

F 34 65 518

Lever out retaining clip (1) with pliers and push on to roof­ lining guide.

F 34 65 521

Loosen ventilation grille (1) with screws (2) and remove.

F 34 65 520

Remove screw from rear belt.

F 34 65 522

Loosen trim (1) with screws (2) and (3).

F 34 65 523

Lever out cap (1) from belt mounting (2), remove screws (3). Remove spreader rivet (4) and detach side section (5).

3. Removing left front seat

F 32 65 010

Run the seat forward against its stop and raise it to the highest possible seated position.

Disconnect wire cable (1) from seat belt height adjuster. Unscrew and remove bolt (2) from the seat belt holder.

F 32 65 011

Unscrew and remove the seat rail retaining bolts (arrows). Push the seat fully back and pull off the head restraint.

F 32 65 588

Raise the seat until it can be slid forwards out of the retaining brackets.

Release the cable straps for the electric seat adjustment* or seat heating* wires and separate the plug connector (arrow).

4. Disconnecting battery

When the battery is disconnected, the fault memory is erased.

Print out the fault memory first.

F 34 65 524

Disconnect the negative pole terminal clip (1).

5. Disconnecting second battery

F 34 65 525

Unscrew nut (1) from battery holder (2). Disconnect pole terminals from battery. Pull out gas trap and lift out battery.

6. Exposing left cable duct

F 34 65 526

Using a screwdriver, lift out and remove the left front and rear door sill trim strips (1).

F 32 65 592

Fold back the carpet and detach the cable covers (arrows)

on the left side of the car by removing the spreader rivets (1).

F 34 65 021

Fold back the carpet to the left of the rear seat base, remove four spreader rivets (1) and take off plastic cover (2).

7. Detaching lower left fascia trim

F 34 65 002

Take out Phillips-head screw (1) and remove the trim (2) in the direction of the arrow.

F 34 65 003

Turn plastic screws (1) through 90° and take them out.

Take out the four Phillips-head screws (2) and pull the fascia trim (3) away downwards.

F 32 65 595

Pull the plug off the gong (arrow). If necessary, pull off the air conditioning* temperature sensor plug and the vacuum hose. Remove the fascia trim (1).

F 34 65 004

Lever out the three caps (1) with a screwdriver and take out the Phillips-head screws (2).

Remove trim (3).

8. Removing left footwell trim

F 34 65 006

Remove cap (1), take out screw (2) and pull off lever (3). Turn screws (4) through 90° and detach the footwell trim.

9. Removing right footwell trim

F 32 65 598

Remove cover (1), turn screw (2) through 90° and detach footwell trim (3).

10. Removing instrument cluster

F 34 65 009

Remove the two Phillips-head screws (1) and pull the instrument cluster (2) out as far as possible.

11. Installing radio wiring harness

F 32 65 599

To simplify assembly, carefully lever out the lugs of retaining hoop (1) in the direction of the arrow, and pull off the hoop.

F 32 65 600

Run the plug for connection to the control unit through at the marked point (arrow), and pass it over the steering column to the radio control unit’s installation point.

Install the wiring harness as illustrated, and secure in the existing cable straps.

F 32 65 601

Connect the 8-pin plug on the radio wiring harness to the car’s main wiring system at knee height in the left footwell (arrow).

F 32 65 602


Connect the 2-pin parallel display plug (1) if the car is so equipped, otherwise leave the wire tied back.

F 32 65 604

Run the wiring harness to the rear in the cable duct on the left side of the car, and connect the 8-pin plug to the power supply (arrow).

F 34 65 530

Run loudspeaker wires under the clips as far as the roof. Install the aerial cable (1) according to the separate instructions and connect up to receiver.

12. Installing loudspeakers in the roof

F 34 65 532

The loudspeaker covers for both sides are standard.

F 34 65 534

Fit spreader clips (1) and sheet-metal nuts (2) to the roof.

F 34 65 536

Connect loudspeaker wire to loudspeaker (1) and secure to the roof with sheet-metal screws (2).

13. Installing footwell loudspeakers

F 32 65 043

Remove insulating material from the loudspeaker cutouts in the footwell trims.

F 32 65 044

Place the loudspeaker (1) against the back of the footwell trim.

Place the spring washers in position and secure each loudspeaker with four nuts (arrows).

14. Installing front mid-range loudspeakers

F 34 65 017

Using a small screwdriver, lever out trim panel (1) at the right and left sides of the car.

There is a cutout in the trim panel (arrow) into which the screwdriver blade must be inserted.

F 34 65 018

Push on the sheet-metal nuts (arrows).

F 34 65 066

Connect the loudspeaker wires (arrows) to the loudspeakers. The loudspeaker wires leading to the mid-range speaker installation points are already in position in the fascia.

F 34 65 067

Insert the loudspeaker into the cutout and secure with two Phillips-head screws (arrows).

Insert the trim panel again.

15. Installing control unit

F 34 65 032

Insert the holder ( 1) as shown in the drawing.

There are four different holders in the installation kit:

one each for right-hand and left-hand drive cars without air conditioning, and one each for right-hand and left-hand drive cars with air conditioning.

F 32 65 619

Screw on pin (1), pre-assemble plug (2) with housing keeper (4) in socket housing (3) and attach the socket housing to the control unit.

F 32 65 620

Carefully pull off the control unit’s front trim panel (1). Push the control unit fully into its installation aperture and tighten the Allen screws (arrows).

Attach the trim panel again.

Re-assemble all items previously removed from the car in the reverse order of work as appropriate.

Reconnect the car’s battery. (Input the radio code in accordance with the accompanying instructions.) Check radio functions.

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