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Remote radio control module (FBM) BMW 5 series E34, BMW 7 series E32

EBA – 01 29 9 786 220
BMW Installation Instructions

Tools and Equipment Required

Phillips screwdriver
Normal screwdriver
3/8 inch reversible ratchet
3/8 inch extension
3/8 inch socket wrench insert, waf 10mm, 13mm, 17mm
Universal measuring device
Wire stripping pliers
Diagonal cutting pliers
Inspection lamp
Electric torch
Cable pliers, HWB no. 81 24 9 408 449
Extractor, BMW no. 61 1 132
Pliers, HWB no. 81 24 9 408 351 (only on E34 after 09/91

Preparatory work

  1. Print out error memory.
  2. Disconnect vehicle battery/batteries.
  3. Remove dashboard trim on front left side.
  4. Remove covering over footpedal mechanisms.
  5. Remove loudspeaker cover in front left footwell.
  6. Unfasten trim on lower part of left B column (only E34 after 09/91.
  7. Remove front and rear door sills on left and right sides (only E34 after 09/91).
  8. Remove rear bench seat or left bucket seat (only E34 after 09/91).
  9. Open cable duct in left roof support.
  10. Vehicle with basic module:

Remove cover of equipment carrier in rear left seat box (only E34 after 09/91).

F 34 62 203

Install remote radio control unit

Unscrew and remove hex nut (1) from earth connection point (2) beside steering column and secure earth cable (3) -cable colour brown- of remote radio control cable harness to earth connection point (2).

F 34 62 204

Install lead (1) -cable colour brown- without detent in edge trim (2) of driver’s door.

F 34 62 109


Plug (1) X32 is located near the steering column.

The fanfare is connected to the white 12 pin plug connection X32 (1) in plug port 11. Press together left and right locking devices and disconnect 12 pin plug (1).

F 34 62 104

Slide upper (1) and lower (2) sections of plug together in direction of arrows.

Use extractor (3) to press contact (4) out of plug port 11 -cable colour brown/red-.

F 34 62 145

Connect black housing (2) to the extracted contact (1) and lock into place. Connect black housing (2) to black plug (3) on cable harness of remote radio control unit.

Insert contact of junction lead (4) -cable colour brown/red- to plug port 11 in plug housing.

Lock plug housing (5).

F 34 65 259

Hazard light system is connected to white 30 pin plug connection X15 beside steering column.

Press together locking parts (1) of white 30 pin plug connection X15 (2) under left of dashboard and press out plug connector X15.Withdraw locking connection (1) in direction of arrow and separate plug connection (2).

F 34 62 260

Disconnect plug housing (1) and press contact (2) out of plug port 15 -cable colour blue/brown-.

F 34 62 205

Fit black housing (3) to pressed out contact (2) and lock together.

Connect black housing (3) to black plug (4) on cable harness of remote radio control unit.

Install contact on junction lead in plug port 15 in plug housing (1) with -cable colour blue/brown-.

Lock plug housing (1) together.

F 34 62 147

Models up to 09/91

The remote radio control unit is actuated down in the lower section of the left A column. Cut open insulation on cable harness at point where the door is adjacent to the vehicle electronics system.

F 34 62 148

Cut out cable (1) -cable colour

red/green- and strip insulation from both ends.

Crimp contacts (2, 3) on cable (1), fit insulation (4, 5) and connect to cable harness of remote radio control unit with cable -cable colour red-

Also cut out cables beside A column -cable colours blue/brown/yellow and white/red/yellow, strip insulation and fit appropriate contacts.

  • Cable colour blue/brown/yellow- with blue/yellow.
  • Cable colour white/red/yellow- with red/white

Secure remote radio control module beside A column.

From 09/91, the cable harness of the remote radio control unit on the E34 will also be connected at the front of the vehicle.

  • Cable colour red/green- with red.

F 34 62 206

Only E34 from 09/91 with central locking module or basic module.

Following connections on remote radio control module (FBM) have been modified.

The cables -cable colours blue/yellow and red/white- (connection points for central locking logic module have been moved from their location beside the A column to the equipment carrier in the rear left seat box.


For the modified connection on the remote radio control unit (FBM), manufacture a supplementary cable harness (1) to a length of 2500 mm and -cable colours blue/green and red/white-.

Manufacture a supplementary cable harness (1) as shown on drawing, crimp on contacts (2, 3) and fit insulation (4). Secure remote radio control module beside A column.

Attach cables with -cable colours blue/yellow and red/white- on the

matching colours of cable in the remote radio control unit cable harness beside the A column and lay alongside standard vehicle cable harness to the rear left seat box.

F 34 62 187

Only E34 from 09/91 with central locking module

Connection is on central locking module A30 on plug connection X13012.

Insert contact (2) from supplementary cable harness with -cable colour red/white- on plug port 24 of plug (4) X13012.

F 34 62 188

Only E34 from 09/91 with basic module

Connect to yellow 26 pin plug X255.

Cut off cable connector (2) and withdraw internal plug (3) in direction of arrow.

F 34 62 187

Insert contact (2) from supplementary cable harness with -cable colour red/white- plug port 7 on plug (4) X255. Insert contact (3) from supplementary cable harness with -cable colour blue/yellow-to plug port 16 on plug (4) X255.

Locking the vehicle

To lock the vehicle, press the red button on the handset. This causes the indicator lights to flash three times.

For central securing and activating of the alarm system and automatic closing facility for windows and sunroof (only on models with electric windows and sunroofs), depress the red button a second time within one second of first pressing it. This control command is confirmed by seven flashes of the indicator lights.

Burglar alarm

The burglar alarm can be activated by depressing both buttons on the handset simultaneously. This triggers an acoustic signal (horn) which sounds the alarm at intervals, drawing attention to the emergency situation. This alarm is terminated automatically after 30 seconds, or can also be terminated at any time by depressing one of the two buttons on the handset.

Trouble Shooting Guide

Failure of complete system

Either the red positive lead or the brown earth lead is not correctly connected.

Coding is incorrect (refer to key to codes).

Do not alter code settings: this would prevent any of the functions from being activated.

The transmitter battery is empty.

Since power is being drawn from the battery, there is an aperture with an LED in the base of the handset housing which enables you to check battery voltage. If the battery is charged to a sufficient level, this LED lights up when the transmitter button is pressed. If you need to change the battery, remove the slide on the transmitter housing and replace the battery with an identical type. The coding switch for the customer code is also located beneath this slide.


Check the polarity whenever you change the battery.

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