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Supplementary Kit for Window Aerial BMW 5 Series E34 Touring

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BMW Installation Instructions

Specialised knowledge is required.

Installation time: approx . 1 ·2 hours ·this may vary , depending on the condition of the vehicle and its fittings.


Instructions and illustrations are given for left-hand drive models. Various work stages must be carried out for right-hand drive models in mirror-image fashion.

Cable Laying

To prevent faults , it is essential to adhere precisely to the designated cable-laying routes in the car. Under no circumstances work with so-called “Scotchlock quick connectors” as these can cause malfunctions in the car’s electrical system .

When laying cables in the car, ensure that they are not twisted or damaged. If the cables are damaged in any way, this could likewise cause faults which can only subsequently be located after extensive extra work . The costs generated in such a case will not be reimbursed by BMW.

Equipment Installation

Check the intended installation position before beginning work .

Only use installation parts approved by BMW.

Tools and materials required

Screwdriver Nos. 2, 4
Phillips screwdriver Nos. 2, 4
Ratchet with 1/4″ drive
1/4″ extension
1/4″ socket wrench , 8 , 10, 16 mm A/F
Side-cutting pliers
Allen key



  1. Necessary Preliminary Tasks
  2. Laying Aerial Cable for Radio (Long)
  3. Installing Aerial Amplifier
  4. Laying Aerial Cable for Receiver (Short)

1. Necessary Preliminary Tasks

  1. Print out fault memories.
  2. Disconnect battery.
  3. Remove left and right side-panel covers.
  4. Remove luggage-compartment floor cover .
  5. Remove left side panel.
  6. Remove left mudguard panel.
  7. Remove instrument cluster.
  8. Remove radio.
  9. Remove front/rear left entrance strips.
  10. Expose left cable duct.
  11. Remove bottom left instrument-panel panelling.

2. Laying Aerial Cable for Radio (Long)

F 32 65 600

Feed through aerial cable jack for connection to radio at point marked (arrowed) and pass over steering column to radio installation location. Lay aerial cable as shown in illustration and incorporate in cable strap provided.

F 34 65 595

Lay aerial cable (1) in left cable duct towards rear.

F 34 65 596

Lay aerial cable (1) through appropriate penetrations to amplifier installation location (2) in luggage compartment.

3. Installing Aerial Amplifier

F 34 65 597

Secure aerial amplifier (1) with hexagon screw (2).

Insert cable (3) of side-window aerial into aerial amplifier (1). Connect aerial cable (4) to cable of amplifier (1).

Connect white single-core cable (5) tied back in radio wiring harness to black single-core cable (6) of amplifier (1).

The aerial adapters provided enable radios of other manufacturers to be connected to the aerial cable connector laid towards the front.

4. Laying Aerial Cable for Receiver (Short)

F 34 65 598

Lay aerial cable (1) from receiver (2) to aerial amplifier (3) and connect to aerial cable (4) of amplifier (3).

Reinstall all parts which have been removed in reverse sequence.

Carry out test for correct operation.

Subject to printing errors, mistakes and alterations.

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