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Adapter for ”Aeroprofil” Carrier Bridge Part of Scope of Delivery for Bicycle Carrier BMW E34

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BMW Installation Instructions

Installing adapter for Aeroprofil E34/2 carrier bridge with double sliding sunroof

Attach (and align) securing foot of rear Aeroprofil carrier bridge (1) to rear contour of sunroof (2).

Secure clamping collar (3), Aeroprofil adapter (5) and link block (6) with hexagon-socket-head screws (1) (several turns) and washers (2).


Longer side (b) of adapter must point towards vehicle exterior and horizontal surface (a) must point upwards.

Push pre-assembled carrier bridge (4) from the side into the front and rear basic carriers. Install carrier bridge (4) in the centre of the vehicle carrier bridges.

Position link block (6) in such a way that distance “A” is approx. 10 mm. Secure block with hexagon-socket­ head screws.


Note that when the bicycle carrier is folded down or when in driving position, it should be ensured that there is freedom of movement between the decoupling button (1) and the cover of the sunroof (2).

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