Conversion Kit “Profil 2000” Roof Rack Compact E36/5 -> Limousine E36/4

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BMW Installation Instructions

General Notes

The conversion kit contains all the parts required to convert a “Profil 2000” roof rack for an E36/5 Compact into a “Profil 2000” roof rack for an E36/4 Limousine.

The front carrier bar remains unchanged. The rear carrier bar has to be converted according to the following instructions.

Notes on Safety

Please observe the safety regulations contained in the the instruction manual provided with the basic roof rack.

1. Conversion of the Rear Carrier

F 36 82 399

Pull the sealing caps (1) out of the carrier section (2).

F 36 82 400

Loosen and remove the hexagon socket screws (1) on the underside of the support pads (2). Pull the support pads (2) out of the carrier section (3).

F 36 82 401

Turn the sliding block (1) by 90° and remove it from the carrier support pad (2).

F 36 82 402

Insert the sliding block (1) into the new carrier support pad (2) and adjust it as shown in the illustration. Turn the hexagon socket screw (3) slightly.

F 36 82 403

Insert the new support pads (1) into the carrier section (2) as shown in the illustration.

F 36 82 404

Insert the sealing cap (1) into the carrier section (2).

2. Basic Adjustment of the Carrier

A sticker showing the fitting location on the vehicle in the direction of travel is attached to the inside of the left-hand support pad.

F 36 82 405

Position the support pads (1) symmetrically to suit the width of the vehicle.

F 36 82 406

Open the vehicle doors, pull back the rubber door seal (1) and push the support pads (2) as shown in the illustration on to the retaining bolts (3) in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Turn the hexagon socket screws (see illustration

F 36 82 405) on both sides. Remove the support pads (2) from the retaining bolts (3) and take off the carriers. Tighten the hexagon socket screws.


The support pads must slide freely on to the retaining bolts after the basic adjustment.

3. Fitting the Carrier

F 36 82 407

Pull down the rubber door seal (1), put the carrier in place, and, using the hexagon socket spanner (3) supplied with the basic roof rack, tighten up the clamping screws (2) at both of the support pads (4).

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