Repair Kit: Adhesive Window Aerial for Car Telephone

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BMW Installation Instructions
Repair Kit: Adhesive Window Aerial for Car Telephone

Only intended for use in the BMW HO Installation time: approx. 0.3 hours

A surrounding temperature of 60 – 70°C is necessary in order to remove the external and internal elements of the aerial (heat carefully with a hot air blower).

Then lift the parts from the window pane using a blunt tool and remove slowly.

Use a standard glass cleaning agent to pre-clean the intended installation point on the inside and outside. Use the enclosed cloth to polish the dry surfaces until the glass is completely clean and dry.

Optimum adhesion of the aerial is only possible when the surrounding temperature, as well as the temperature of the aerial and the window pane, is at least 20°C both during and up to 2 hours following installation.


Never stick the aerial on to a damp or steamed-up window.

After peeling off the protective foil, do not touch either the adhesive surface or the clean window. The adhesive strip adheres to the window on contact; it cannot be shifted!

The internal and external elements must be matched up on both sides of the window.

After sticking on the aerial, the external element should not be strained (carefully bend the screwed-on antenna).