Roof Rack “Profil 2000” Conversion Kit BMW 3 Series E36 touring without Railing as of 05.1995

EBA – 01 29 9 789 057
BMW Installation Instructions

General Information

The conversion kit contains all the parts which are necessary to convert a “Profil 2000” roof rack for E36/5 compact or E36/4 limousine to a “Profil 2000” roof rack for E36/3 touring.

The front rack bridge remains unchanged. The rear rack bridge must be converted as described in following instructions.

Safety Notes

In all cases observe the safety regulations provided in the general operating instructions supplied with the basic racks!

1. Converting the Rear Rack

F 36 82 404

Remove end caps (1) from rack channel (2).

F 36 82 409

Release and unscrew socket head cap screws (1) on underside of support feet (2). Pull support feet (2) out of rack channel (3).

F 36 82 401

Turn sliding block (1) through 90° and pull out of rack support foot (2).

F 36 82 402

Fit sliding block (1) in new rack support foot (2) and align as illustrated. Screw in socket head cap screws (3) a little.

F 36 82 403

Fit new support feet (1) as illustrated into rack channel (2).

F 36 82 404

Fit end cap (1) in rack channel (2).

2. Basic Setting of Rack

An adhesive label which indicates the mounting location on the car in forward direction is affixed to the inner side of the support feet.

F 36 82 405

Set support feet (1) symmetrically to the width of the car.

F 36 82 406

Open car doors, fold down rubber seal (1) for door and, as illustrated, slide support feet (2) in direction indicated by arrow onto retaining pins (3).

Tighten socket head cap screws on both sides. Pull support feet (2) from retaining pins (3) and remove rack. Firmly tighten socket head cap screws.


After this basic setting, it must be possible to slide the support feet smoothly onto the retaining pins.

3. Mounting Rack

F 36 82 407

Fold down rubber seal (1) for door. Mount rack and firmly tighten clamping screws (2) at both support feet (4) using the socket head cap screw wrench (3) provided with the basic rack.