Side Panel Aerial for Car Telephone BMW 7 Series E38

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BMW Installation Instructions

Only intended for use in the BMW dealer organisation. Installation Time: approx. 0.5 – 1 hours, depending on the condition and level of equipment of the vehicle.

Specialised knowledge of electrical systems is required.


It required (anti-theft, car wash), the transmitting aerial can be removed using the spanner supplied.

Tools and Materials Required

Phillips screwdriver
Socket wrench A/F 8 mm, 10 mm
Water-soluble marker
Twisted drill bits 3.5 mm, 10 mm diameter
Round file
Inorganic zinc paint
Side cutting pliers
Hand-held lamp
Screwdriver for slotted screws
8-20 mm stepped drill bits



1 . Necessary Preliminary Tasks
2 . Assembly on Vehicle

1. Necessary Preliminary Tasks

Remove the luggage compartment panelling.

2. Assembly on Vehicle

F 38 84 004 M

Side Panel Aerial for Car Telephone BMW 7 Series E38

Close the lid of the luggage compartment (1).

As shown in the illustration, mark and carefully punch the bore point (2) on the left-hand side section. The reference point tor measurements A and B is the closed lid of the luggage compartment (1).

From inside the luggage compartment, tit the assembly plate (4) and securing nut (5) and tighten the securing nut (5) by hand.

Position the transmitting aerial (7) and, as shown in the illustration, secure using the spanner supplied (8).

Align the aerial foot (1) and tighten with the securing nut (5).

Tightening torque: 5 Nm

Connect the aerial cable (6) to the aerial toot (1), lay it along the vehicle wiring harness to the transceiver unit, and secure it with cable straps.

F 38 84 006 M

Side Panel Aerial for Car Telephone BMW 7 Series E38


The aerial may only be bent within the bending zone (A = 10 mm) by a maximum of 10°.

Bend the aerial into the required position.

Measurement A = 170 mm

Measurement B = 30 mm

Pre-drill the marked bore point (2) using 3.5 and 10 mm twisted drill bits, then enlarge to 20 mm using a 20 mm stepped drill bit.

F 38 84 006 M

Side Panel Aerial for Car Telephone BMW 7 Series E38

De-burr the drilled edges and take the standard BMW rust protection measures. Completely remove the drillings.

Remove the adhesive foil from the reinforcing plate (3) and attach the reinforcing plate (3) to the inside of the side wall, precisely aligned to the borehole.

As shown in the illustration, guide the aerial foot (1) and sealing ring (2) through the borehole .