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Hands-Free Facility for Mobile Telephone BMW 3 Series E36/2 /3 /4 IC (Coupe, Touring, Saloon, Cabriolet)

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BMW Installation Instructions

Intended for use in BMW dealer organisation only. Installation time is approx. 1 hour, though this may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle and its fittings.

Technical knowledge is required.


This hands-free facility is intended to be connected only to the BMW 0-Netz Telephone. BMW can not guarantee its function when used in conjunction with other mobile telephones.


The installation is described for the left-hand drive model. Certain work steps must be carried out in mirror-image fashion for the right-hand drive model.

Tools and other equipment required

1I4″ Ratchet
Phillips screwdriver
Socket wrench A/F 10 mm



  1. Necessary Preliminary Work on Vehicle
  2. Overview of Wiring Harness Connections
  3. Installing in Vehicle

1. Necessary Preliminary Work on Vehicle

Remove glove box

Remove lower left-hand instrumentation cluster trim panel

Remove front footwell speaker panels Remove centre console

2. Overview of Wiring Harness Connections

F 36 84 021 R

A = Hands-free facility connection cable

A1= Connect 4 pin, black connector for hands­ free facility (cable colours brown and white) to 4 pin, black connector on telephone connecting cable

A2 = Connect 4 pin, black connector for micro­

phone connection (cable colours brown and white) to microphone in bottom of storage tray

A3+A4 = Connecting cable for double coil speaker (cable colours green and yellow) in left and right-hand footwells

3. Installing in Vehicle

F 36 84 009 R

As shown in the illustration, lay the connecting cable (1) from the centre console to the speakers (cable colours green and yellow) (2) and to the microphone (cable colours brown and white) (3). Connect the 4 pin black connector (cable colours brown and white) to the telephone with the connecting cable branch near the centre console.

F 36 84 010R


When installing the microphone, the arrow on the microphone must face upwards.

Install the lower storage tray (1) in the centre console. Guide the connecting cable (2) through the opening and connect the connector (4) and the microphone (3). Install the storage tray insert (5)*

Colour and design variation different than the one shown here are located in the Parts Microfilm and/or ETK.

F 36 84 011R

Replace the radio speaker (1) with the double coil speaker of the hands-free facility (2). Ensure that the double coil speaker is correctly positioned.

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