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Side Aerial for Mobile Telephone BMW 3 Series E36/3 (Touring)

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BMW Installation Instructions

Intended for use in BMW dealer organisation only. Installation time is approx. 0.5 – 1 hour, though this may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle and its fittings.

Specialised knowledge is required.


The transmitter aerial can be removed as necessary protection against theft, car washe s) with the key provided.

Tools and materials required

Phillips screwdriver
Socket wrenches, 8 mm, 10 mm A/F
Torque wrench
Water- soluble marker pen
Tape measure
Centre punch
Twist drill , 3.5 mm, 11 mm dia.
Inorganic zinc
Stepped drill bit
Side cutting pliers
Regular screwdriver
Electric torch
Round file
Paint brush



1. Necessary Preliminary Work on Vehicle 2. Installing in Vehicle

3. Drilling Template E36/ 3

1. Necessary Preliminary Work on Vehicle

Remove rear left-hand luggage-compartment panelling

2. Installing in Vehicle

F 36 84 044 R

Attach the drilling templates (1) as shown. Contact edges :

Top: Side window seal (2) Bottom: Bent edge of side panel (3) Right: Side panel border (4)

Mark the bore points on the side panel. Carefully mark the bore point centres with the centre punch.

First drill the marked bore points with a twist drill,

dia. 3.5 mm, then drill with a 10 mm dia. bit. Widen the bore hole to a dia. of 20 mm using a stepped drill bit. Carefully file out the remaining area of the oval installation aperture using a round file.


Deburr the edge of the bore hole and treat the bore hole with the usual BMW rust prevention measures. All drillings must be removed.

F 36 84 045 R

As shown in the illustration, guide the aerial base (1) with the sealing ring (2) through the bore hole.

Position the securing sleeve (3) and the securing nut (4) from inside the luggage compartment and hand­ tighten the securing nut (4).

Position the transmitter aerial (6) as shown in the illustration and secure with the aerial key (7). Align the aerial base and tighten the securing nut (4).

Tightening torque 5 Nm.

Connect the aerial cable (5) to the antenna base and lay the aerial cable along the vehicle wiring harness to the transceiver. Secure the aerial cable with cable straps.

F 36 84 046 R


The aerial must not be bent in excess of 10° against the direction of travel within the bending zone,

A = 10 mm.

Bend the aerial into the desired position as necessary.

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