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Radio Roof Aerial BMW 3 Series E36/5

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BMW Installation Instructions

Specialised knowledge is required

Installation time: approx. 0.75 to 1.5 hours depending on the condition and level of equipment of the car.


Ensure that the cable is not kinked or pinched when being laid in the vehicle.

Tools Required

Screwdriver for slotted screws
1/2″ reversible ratchet
1/2″ extension
1/2″ drive socket A/F 8 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm
Power drill
Twist drill bits Ø 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 12 mm
Torx key

Table of Contents


  1. Necessary Preliminary Work on Vehicle
  2. Installing Radio Roof Aerial
  3. Laying Aerial and Power Supply Cables

1. Necessary Preliminary Work on Vehicle

  1. Print out fault memory.
  2. Disconnect the battery.
  3. Remove luggage compartment cover.
  4. Remove luggage compartment floor mat.
  5. Remove rear seat bench.

2. Installing the Radio Roof Aerial

F 36 65 626

Open cover (1), loosen Phillips screws and remove left and right-hand rear hand-grips (3).

F 36 65 627

Pull the pins (1) and rivets (2) from the ceiling panelling. Loosen the ceiling panelling (3) from the rubber sealing of the side windows and gently pull the ceiling panelling down.

F 36 65 628

Mark the bore hole (1). Pre-drill with a Ø 5 mm twist drill bit and then finish drilling with a Ø 12 mm drill bit. Mark the bore hole (2) and drill with a Ø 4.5 mm twist drill bit.

Distance A = 517 mm
Distance B = 125 mm
Distance C = 15.5 mm

Installation note

For vehicles with a ceiling edge spoiler, Distance B = 160 mm.

F 36 65 629

Place the seal (2) onto the aerial base (1).

F 36 65 630

Place the aerial base (1) with seal (2) onto the roof and secure it with a tooth lock washer (3) and a hexagonal nut (4) from the within the passenger compartment.


If necessary, remove the adhesive felt of the interior of the ceiling panelling from around the tooth lock washer in order to ensure a perfect ground contact.

3. Laying Aerial and Power Supply Cables

F 36 65 575 P

Remove the plastic nuts (1), the side upholstery (2) and the side panelling (3).

F 36 65 576 P

Remove the seat belt cover (1) and loosen the hexagonal nut (2). Remove the C-column panelling (3).

F 36 72 118 P

Remove the left-hand rear lamp cover. Loosen the plastic nut (1) and remove the left-hand storage tray (2) and the luggage compartment side panelling.

F 36 65 631

Connect connector plug (1) to the aerial base. Secure the aerial and power supply cables (2) to the ceiling panelling with adhesive strips (3) and lay them over the C-column in the luggage compartment. Fasten them into the already present cable straps (4). Disconnect the terminals from the aerial and power supply cables of the previously installed aerial (5) and remove the aerial.

Only for vehicles without a short aerial

F 36 65 404 P

Remove cover caps (2), loosen the Phillips screws (1) and remove the cover plate (3).

F 36 65 422 P

Loosen the Phillips screws (1) and take out the glove compartment (2).

F 36 65 424 P

Remove the cover caps (1) and Phillips screws (2) and carefully pry out the expansion bellows (3).

F 36 65 427 P

Push up the bellows (1) and Styrofoam insert (2) and remove the hazard-warning system switch (3). Loosen the Phillips screws (4) and remove the centre console as the arrow illustrates.


When transporting with a long cartop carrier, Distance B = 125 mm is preferable.

When installing the carrier, pay attention that the aerial does not get bent or kinked (reception interference).

F 36 65 429 P

Lift up the switch console (3) as indicated by the arrow, remove the connector (1) from the switch (2) and disconnect the terminals from the cigarette lighter lamp (4). Remove the switch console (3).

F 36 65 260

Remove the left-hand seat and left-hand entrance strip. Pull out the cover caps (1), unscrew the Torx screw (2), and remove the spacer (3) and the cover (4). Remove the belt fixture (5).

F 36 65 448 P

Loosen the hexagonal nuts (1) and remove the rear wiring harness cover (2).

F 36 65 578 P

Lay the aerial cable (1) from the radio duct along the vehicle wiring harness under the centre console and under the driver’s seat to the cable duct.

F 36 65 633

Lay the aerial cable (1) along the cable channel (2) in the luggage compartment and secure with the available cable straps (3).

All vehicles

F 36 65 632

Crimp a cable contact stud (2) onto the power supply cable (1) of the roof radio aerial and connect to the power supply terminal (3) of the radio wiring harness. Screw the jack (4) of the roof aerial cable to the terminal (6) of the aerial cable jack.

The assembly is accomplished in the reverse order of disassembly.

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