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BMW Baby carrier for all vehicles with three-point safety belts

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BMW Installation Instructions

Installation time approx. 5 minutes.

Where fitting is done in the workshop, the fitting instructions are to be handed over to the customer.

For use on the front passenger seat

Use on the front passenger seat in a vehicle having a front passenger airbag is not approved.

However, in certain models the front passenger airbag can be disabled, so that the transportation of your child in a suitable restraint system is also possible on the front passenger seat.

Your BMW dealer will be happy to advise you.


The child’s seat is approved in accordance with the EGE guideline R44.03 Group O (from birth to approx. 9 months old).

The following points are to be noted when dealing with the child’s seat

Weight class group 0 (from 0 kg to 10kg). Approval is given only for rear-facing installation.

The baby carrier can only be secured with 3-point automatic belts in accordance with EGE stipulation No. 16 or similar standards.

The baby carrier must be secured in the car in such a way that it cannot be jammed or damaged by the front seat or the vehicle doors.

Always secure the child’s seat in the car with the 3-point belt, even when it is not in use. A child’s seat which is not secured can injure other car occupants in the event of emergency braking.

The vehicle safety belts. or belts belonging to the child’s seat, may not be twisted or jammed.

Make sure that there are no objects on the rear window shelf.

Always fasten the belt on your baby when it is in the baby carrier (even inside the house and outside the car).

NEVER leave your baby unsupervised.


After an accident, the seat must be checked over in the factory . Care should be taken to follow precisely the instructions for fitting and use.

Advice on care

Seat and belts can be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap . Seat covers when removed can be washed in accordance with the washing instructions on the care label.



  1. Installation of the child’s seat
  2. Fastening the belt system of the child’s seat
  3. General use
  4. Attachments
  5. Care of the baby carrier

1. Installation of the child`s seat

F 36 82 589

The baby carrier can be used facing the rear on the front passenger seat and on the rear bench seat, with the three-point safety belts belonging to the vehicle.

F 36 82 590

Raise the frame clamp (1) on both sides and tilt the carrying handle (2)backwards (arrow).


Installation of the BMW baby carrier is dependent on the seat design of your vehicle.

e.g. front passenger seat or rear seat of the BMW 3 Series

F 36 82 601

e.g. rear seat of the BMW 3 Series touring

F 36 82 598

Fold out the brace (1) of the baby carrier (2). Push the brace (1) as far as possible in the direction of the arrow between the backrest (3) and the seat cushion (4) of the rear seat or of the front passenger seat as the case may be. Press the baby carrier (2) against the backrest (3).


The baby carrier must lie against the backrest.

F 36 82 591

The securing of the baby carrier (1) is done with the 3-point safety belts (2) belonging to the car .


First insert the lap belt in the belt guide on the frame of the baby carrier and close the seat-belt buckle.

F 36 82 592

Press button (1). open the belt clamp (2) and place the diagonal belt (3) in it.

F 36 82 593

Draw diagonal belt (1) tight and close belt clamp (2).

2. Fastening the belt system of the child`s seat

F 36 82 594

Raise seat-belt attachment (1) and lengthen belts in direction of arrows.

F 36 82 595

Open the buckle (1) by pressing the red button at the side. Lay the shoulder belts (2) back (arrows).

F 36 82 596

Lay the belts over the child’s shoulders, lay the buckle tongues on top of each other and make them latch into the buckle. The belts should not be fastened too tightly, nor too loosely. Place the hand (arrow) flat between body and belt and adjust the belts accordingly.

F 36 82 597

Raise seat belt attachment (1) and tighten belts in direction of arrows.

3. General use

Carrying the baby carrier

F 36 82 599

Raise the frame clamp (1) on both sides and swing the carrying handle (2) upwards (arrow).

For use as recliner

F 36 82 600

Swing out braces (1 and 2) in the direction of the arrows.

For use as rocker

Fold braces (1 and 2) in again, in the opposite direction to the arrows.

F 36 82 603

Attaching the bag. Bend the metal bar a little and insert into the two holes, Bend the metal bar straight again.

4. Attachments

F 36 82 602

Place the insert to make the seat smaller (1) in the baby carrier (2). Thread the shoulder belts (3) through the insert (1).

As required, put belt protectors (3) over the seat belts of the baby carrier (2).

5. Care of the baby carrier

Washing the cover

F 36 82 604

Open the buckle by pressing the red button at the side. Lead the shoulder belt (A) and buckle (B) back through the slots in the cover. Draw cover off towards the inside of the carrier.

Note the washing and care instructions on the sewn-in label.

The carrier can be cleaned with a damp cloth or with a mild household cleaning agent. After washing, fit the cover and belt system on again in the reverse order of the dismantling operation.

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