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Third brake light BMW 7 Series (E38)

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BMW Installation Instructions

Specialist knowledge required.

The installation time is approx. 1 hour but may vary depending on the condition of the car and the equipment in it.

Important information

To prevent faults, make sure that you use the exact installation routes in the car.
Under no circumstances should you use so-called “fast connectors” since they may cause faults in the
vehicle’s electrical system. Ensure that the cables are not kinked or damaged when they are installed in the car since otherwise, this too may cause faults which then require a great deal of work for their localisation. The costs incurred
as a result of this will not be reimbursed by BMW.

Important safety information

Existing third brake lights are to be disconnected. It must be ensured that the third brake light (rear screen) works correctly.

Tools and equipment required
1/2” ratchet, size 10 mm
3/8” ratchet, size 16 mm
Tool to release the socket contacts
Hammer and chisel
Zinc dust paint
Torx screwdriver T 20


1. Preparations
2. To remove the rear window shelf
3. To install the third brake light
4. To make the brake light cut-out
5. Coding

1. Preparations

– Remove the rear seat bench
– Remove the headrests and rear seat backrest and centre armrest
– Remove the C pillar trim

2. To remove the rear window shelf

F 38 82 050

Remove the four expanding pins (1) and undo the screw union for the rear window shelf (2) from the
boot side. Remove the rear window shelf (2) forwards.

Cars with a subwoofer system only

F 38 82 051

Lever the speaker cover (1) out upwards.

F 38 82 052

Undo the securing screws (1). Remove both parts forwards.

3. To install the third brake light

F 38 82 053

Cut out the foam (1) with a knife and remove it. Insert the mountings (2) for the third brake light and securer
them with the expanding rivets (3).

F 38 82 054

Cut out the perforated recess (1) for the bulb socket with a hammer and chisel. Undo the cable ties (2) so
that the plug (3) for the third brake light can be fitted. Deburr the metal recess surround , straighten it
if necessary and coat the bare metal parts with zinc dust paint.

F 38 82 055

Insert the supplied expanding nut (1) into the third brake light. Fit the third brake light (2) into the
mountings on the rear window shelf. Connect plug X138 (3) to the third brake light (2). Secure the third
brake light using the self-tapping screw (4) from the boot side.
Insert the supplied grommet into the recess to cover the bulb socket.
Ensure that the rubber lip on the third brake light (1) is completely against the rear screen. If this is
not ensured, the screw union must be undone again and the third brake light moved closer to the rear screen.

4. To make the brake light cut-out

F 38 82 056

Take the template (2) for the brake light cut-out out of the installation instructions. Cut the recess out of the
template along the dotted line, fold it and position it precisely. (see dimensions above) on the top of the rear window shelf (1). Mark the rear window shelf along the template. Using the jigsaw, cut out the recess for the third brake light.

F 38 82 057

Place the cover cap (1) for the third brake light into the recess in the rear window shelf (2)ю

F 38 82 058

Refit the rear window shelf (1) with the installed cover cap (2).
Ensure that the cover cap (2) can be fitted properly into the rubber lip on the third brake light. If this is not the case, the cover cap 2) may be moved a few millimetres to the right or left.
Conduct a function test.
Refit all the parts in reverse order.

5. Coding

This system is coding relevant.
To ensure that the retrofit system
– is fully functional,
– and to rule out the possibility of malfunctions and faults when it works in conjunction with other
electrical systems in the car, this system must be coded, and it may also be necessary to code other control units.

In addition the retrofit system is saved in the central code of the IKE (integrated combination electronics).
The coding work is completed automatically in the “Retrofit” path using the latest coding program.
The procedure is user-guided. Refer to the text instructions as you go through the various stages. The retrofit coding for this product is included as from version V15.0.


Connect the DIS/MoDiC to the car.
Switch on the ignition.
Select ”Coding ZCS”
Confirm date entry with ”Y” (MoDiC only)
Series ”7 E38″
Path ”2 Retrofit”
System ”6 Third brake light”
Start automatic coding (confirm with ”Y”)
Switch off the ignition, wait for at least 10 seconds and then switch the ignition on again.
Print out the coding label and affix to the electrics box lid over the old coding label.

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