Protective film for roof-rack for BMW 5 Series E39

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BMW Installation Instructions

Where fitting is done in the workshop, the fitting instructions are to handed to the customer.

In principle, the protective film is to be stuck at the contact point of the support feet before first fitting of the roof-rack.



  1. Open the roof-drain moulding flap
  2. Clean the rain channel
  3. Stick the protective film

Safety information

Please check to see that the protective film has not already been installed. If so, there is no need for further explanation of the procedure.

To protect the insert nuts from getting dirty and icing up, please keep the roof-drain moulding flap closed when not in use.

It is essential that you take note of the safety regulations in the operating instructions enclosed with the base carrier.

General notes

The protective film is an additional protection for the rain channel. It prevents possible damage in the area of the bearing surface of the roof-rack support feet.

Please use the separate fitting instructions to fit the rack supports.

Use only the Original BMW roof-rack and accessories.

If fitting is done incorrectly, damage to the vehicle is possible.

1. Open the roof-drain moulding flap

Before fitting the protective film and the roof-rack , the four flaps in the roof-drain moulding of the vehicle must be opened.

F 39 82 002

Insert the supplied roof-drain moulding opener (1) into the recess (2) of the roof- drain moulding flap (3). The roof-drain moulding flap (3) is opened by pressing back the roof-drain moulding opener (1) in the direction of the arrow.

F 39 82 003

Remove roof-drain moulding opener.

Open up the roof-drain moulding flap (1) completely in the direction of the arrow until it engages.

2. Clean the rain channel

F 39 82 041

With the help of the cleaning cloth (1) provided, free the rain channel (2) of dirt in order to ensure firm adherence of the protective film.

3. Sticking the protective film

F 39 82 042

The protective paper (1) is to be removed from the adhesive area (2) of the protective film.

F 39 82 043

Stick the protective film (1) flat in the rain channel in such a way that the upright metal edge which runs lengthways is also covered.


Care must be taken to see that the protective film does not adhere to the seal area (2) of the insert nut.