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Installation kit Ski bag BMW 5 Series E39

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BMW Installation Instructions

The fitting of the ski bag in the vehicle should be carried out by a BMW specialist workshop . Installation time approx. 1 .5 hours, which can vary according to the condition and fittings of the vehicle.

Required tools

  • air-pressure saw
  • hammer
  • flat file
  • 1/2″ ratchet spanner with SW 10
  • torque spanner
  • zinc dust paint
  • flat screwdriver
  • drill with twist drill 0 Bmm
  • punch
  • tape measure
  • possibly adhesive tape
  • metal ruler

Parts used

Ski-bag cassette 72 60 8 197 840

Hex-head screw with washer 32 31 1 161 644



  1. Disassemble rear-seat set
  2. Cutting of the trim
  3. Make the cut-out for the ski-bag cassette
  4. Install the ski-bag cassette
  5. Fitting of the safety screw

1. Disassemble rear-seat set

F 39 72 017

Dismount the rear, centre headrest (1). Now dismantle the rear-seat bench (2) and the rear-seat back (3), including the centre armrest.

F 39 72 018

Remove the damping material (1) of the sound insulation mat along the perforation (2) on the partition wall in the central area, so that the steel plate is exposed for the making of the cut-out.

2. Cutting of the trim

F 39 72 019

Open the boot and take out the floor mat (1). Now dismantle the rear trim (2) on the partition wall , by undoing the four fastening screws (3) and lifting out the central fastening cap (4) .

F 39 72 020

Cut the dismantled boot trim as is shown in the above drawing.


The cut-out centre piece is no longer needed.

3. Make the cut-out for the ski-bag cassette

F 39 72 021

The cut-out for the ski-bag cassette is made from inside the vehicle. Centring points (1) are struck on the dividing plate to the boot, and these indicate approximately the position of the cut-out to be made. Firstly, a guide line (2) is drawn with the metal ruler between the upper and lower centring points (1) on the right-hand side or it is marked with a strip of adhesive tape . Then the left guidance line (3) is drawn with a dimension of 228.5 (+ 1 .5). Now the lower guidance line (4) is drawn by connecting the lowest centring points. Next the upper guidance line (5) is precisely drawn with distance dimension of 321 (+ 1.5). Auxiliary drillholes (6) (0 Bmm) are made in accordance with the above diagram, so as to ensure secure guidance of the air-pressure saw (see magnification). Then with the help of the air-pressure saw the cut-out is made. Now check whether the ski-bag cassette fits into the cut­ out made. If necessary , rework the aperture.


Care should be taken that the dimension 321 (+ 1.5) from the lower edge is drawn and complied with precisely.


Remove material cuttings, deburr the plate edging of the ski-bag cut-out, correct if necessary and paint the bare parts of the plate with zinc dust paint.

F 39 72 022

From the boot side fit the cut boot trim (1) into the vehicle again and secure with the four fastening screws (2) .

4. Install the ski-bag cassette

F 39 72 023

Now install the ski-bag cassette (1) – underside first – into the cut-out (2) made and then pivot it upwards until it audibly engages .

Then re-install the floor mat in the boot.


From the inside of the vehicle check that the locking lugs have correctly engaged . Only if they have is the secure fastening of the ski-bag cassette ensured.

5. Fitting of the safety screw

F 39 72 024

From the passenger compartment, and with the help of the supplied, self-cutting hex-head screw (2), screw

the inserted ski-bag cassette through the partition wall.

The required tightening torque of the hex-head screw is 9 Nm.

Now re-install the rear-seat back, the centre armrest and the rear-seat bench in reverse order. Reinsert the central, rear headrest.

For operation of the ski bag please consult the directions for use of your vehicle .

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