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Original BMW Accessory Side-skirts BMW 3 Series E36/7 (Z3)

EBA – 01 29 9 789 895
BMW Installation Instructions

Technical knowledge is required.

Installation time approx. 1.5 hours, which can vary according to the conditions and fittings of the vehicle.

Fitting of the accessory front-apron should be done by two people.

Note on paint finish

The accessory front-apron is supplied primed and must be pre-treated appropriately. When painting please take note of BMW painting instructions. The accessory front-apron is made of PUR-R-RIM. Maximum temperature for stoving-paint coating is 40° C.

Scope of supplied installation kit

  1. Accessory side-skirt, left
  2. Accessory side-skirt, right
  3. Assembly kit

2 expanded rubber pads
2 fillister-head screws
4 washers
2 hexagon nuts M 6

4. TA 01 20 9 789 918

German Federal Motor Vehicle Registration Agency No. 37797

5. Fitting Instructions 01 29 9 789 895

Required tools and auxiliary materials
Phillips screwdriver
1/4 inch ratchet
1/4 inch extension
1/4 inch socket-wrench insert, SW 8mm, 10mm

1. Necessary preparatory work

Dismount all four wheel-arch trim panels.

2. Dismantling of the standard side skirt

F 36 82 779 ZS

Take out the mounting clip (1) on the sill strip (2). Pry strip from the sill and remove.

F 36 82 780 ZS

Loosen upper screws (1) on the standard side-skirt (2)

F 36 82 781 ZS

Pry out supports for car jack (1) and loosen screws (2) on the standard side-skirt.

F 36 82 782 ZS

Open doors (1). Loosen mounting screw (2) of the side panel (3) and of the standard side-skirt. Remove standard side skirt (4).


When closing the door, avoid possible damage from the loose side panel.

3. Fitting the accessory side-skirt

F 36 82 783 ZS

Stick the expanded rubber strips (1) on the vehicle sill (2) as shown in the illustration.

F 36 82 784 ZS

Pull speed nut (1) off the bracket (2) and put it on the bracket of the accessory side-skirt.

F 36 82 785 ZS

Insert the retaining plate (1) of the side skirt together with speed nut behind the bracket (2). Screw front side panel and accessory side-skirt (1) to the bracket (2) with screw (3).

Fitting of the accessory side-skirt is carried out in the reverse order of dismantling.


Make the clearances to the body even. Pay attention to the amount of clearance (5mm 0.5 mm).

Fit wheel-arch covers, sill strips and supports for car jack again.

Fitting of the accessory side-skirt was shown for the left side of the vehicle. Fitting of the right-hand side accessory side-skirt is done in the same way but as a mirror image.

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