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Wind deflector “rigid design” BMW Z3 roadster

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BMW Installation Instructions

Installation time approx. 30 minutes, which can vary according to condition and fittings of the vehicle.

If fitting is done in the workshop, these fitting instructions are to be handed to the customer.


Wind deflector cannot be folded down!

BMW accepts no liability for damage which occurs as a result of not following the work sequences. In addition, any warranty claim against BMW AG is extinguished in the event of improper fitting and handling which diverges from the fitting and operating instructions.

Required tools and auxiliary materials

Drilling machine Drill
Ø = 8 mm
Half round file
Air saw
Hexagon socket-head screw key SW 6 mm (included in supply kit)



  1. Remove the covering caps for the two attachment parts from the side trim panels
  2. Fit supports for wind deflector
  3. Mount wind deflector
  4. Close soft top of vehicle with wind deflector fitted
  5. Dismantle wind deflector
  6. Stow wind deflector in vehicle

1. Remove the covering caps for the two attachment parts from the side trim panels.

Using a bradawl, mark the centre of the covering caps and pre-punch lightly as a centring aid for the drill.

F 36 82 837 ZS

Make a drill hole Ø = 8 mm with the drill (2) in the covering caps (1).Then prise out the covering caps (1) with a pair of pliers.


In some cases, the covering caps can be stuck very strongly.

The covering caps are no longer required.

F 36 82 665 ZS

Work the adhesive surfaces (1) of the trim panels (2) with an air saw or a coarse file until the aperture corresponds to the inner diameter of the metal tube lying underneath. Trim the hole and remove the chips.

2. Fit supports for wind deflector

F 36 82 666 ZS

If nee. screw out the hexagon socket-head screw (1) until the cone (2) of the support (3) lies on the retaining disc (4) on the screw thread. The retaining disc (4) must remain on the screw.

F 36 82 667 ZS

Insert the support (1) in the metal tube (2) of the vehicle.


The support for the wind deflector (arrow) must be turned forwards in the direction of travel.

3. Mount wind deflector

F 36 82 668 ZS

Insert wind deflector (1), straighten the supports (2), press downwards and screw tight.

The supports (2) remain in the vehicle. Cover the socket head screws (3) with dummy plugs. Turn the key (4), press wind deflector downwards and lock into place.

F 36 82 669 ZS

Unscrew tenax knobs (1) for the tonneau cover, attach washer (2) and screw in tenax knobs again.

F 36 82 670 ZS

Stretch lower net part downwards and hitch the

eyelets of the metal tabs (1) over the check nuts of the tenax knobs (2).


When driving without tonneau cover, the press­ studs of the retaining strap (3) are to be attached to the tenax knobs (4).

Close soft top of vehicle with wind deflector fitted

When closing the soft top, care should be taken to see that enough space is ensured between soft top and wind deflector (risk of fracturing the wind deflector). If necessary, loosen the supports of the

wind deflector, turn them into the desired position and tighten them again.


With the top cover closed the rear view can be restricted owing to the net and soft top window. If this is the case, remove wind deflector before closing the soft top.

5. Dismantle wind deflector

  • Unhook lower part of net.
  • With the key unlock the wind deflector on one side.

Draw wind deflector upwards, turn key into basic position and draw out. Repeat the procedure on the opposite side.

  • Remove wind deflector entirely out of the supports

and store it in the protective sleeve.

F 36 82 672 ZS

Seal the opening of the support (1) with dummy plug (2).

6. Stow wind deflector in vehicle

If the wind deflector is not required, it can be stowed away under the soft top in the convertible top compartment.

When doing so, attention should be paid to the following:

  • remove wind deflector from the vehicle and take out both keys.

Caution: Risk of fracturing the keys!

  • Stow wind deflector in the supplied case.
  • Close soft top and place wind deflector in the soft-top compartment. As needed, open the soft top again.

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