Mechanical gearshift-lever lock for automatic transmission with Steptronic BMW 5 Series E39 I Left-hand drive models

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BMW Installation Instructions

Technical knowledge is required

Only for use within the BMW trading organisation. Installation time approx. 1 hour, which can vary according to the condition and fittings of the vehicle.

Note on drilling and sawing

Deburr drilled or sawn edges. Remove all traces of chips.

Required tools and auxiliary materials

Hexagon socket screw key 2 .5 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm
Phillips screwdriver
Flat-tip screwdriver
Drilling machine
Twist drill 8 mm
Step drill 4-36 mm
1/4 inch reversible ratchet
1/4 inch extension, long
1/4 inch socket-wrench insert SW 10 mm, 11 mm
Torque spanner, small
Round file
Half round file
Tape measure
Pointed pliers
Compressed – air saw



1. Necessary preparatory work on the vehicle
2. Install mechanical gearshift – lever lock
3. Coding

1. Necessary preparatory work on the vehicle

  • Dismantle selector lever knob
  • Dismantle selector lever covering
  • Dismantle floor of the centre console
  • Dismantle oddments tray in front

2. Install mechanical gearshift-lever lock

F 39 82 204 R


No damage must occur to the air well under the cen­ tre console when sawing.

Mark the dimensions and cut out the cross-hatched area with compressed-air saw.

Remove nut (1) on the selector-lever console.

A: 25 mm
B: 100 mm
C: 80 mm

F 39 82 205 R

Put the front support (1) of the gear-shift lever lock onto the gearshift console (3). Put back on the hexa­ gon nut (2) which was removed and tighten it (tigh­ tening torque 7 Nm).


Fix the plug-in connector (4) (if it exists) to the front support (1) with a cable tie.

F 39 82 206 R

Using a compressed-air saw, cut along the dotted line on the cross arm (1) of the centre console according to the measurements given. Unscrew hexagon nuts (2).

A: 25 mm
B: 20 mm
C: 10 mm

F 39 82 207 R

Put the sleeve nuts (1) from the installation kit onto the threaded studs M6. Tighten the sleeve nuts (1) (tightening torque 7 Nm).

F 39 82 209 R

Put the rear support (1) onto the sleeve nuts. Tighten the socket-head screws (2) (tightening torque 9 Nm).

F 39 82 208 R

Place the gearshift-lever lock (5) as shown onto the front and rear support. Insert key (1) into the lock cylinder (2) of the gearshift-lever lock. Turn key (1) horizontally until the hexagon socket screws (3) are freely accessible. Tighten hexagon socket screws (3) and (4) uniformly (tightening torque 9 Nm).

F 39 82 214 R

Take metal plate ( 1) from the installation kit and slide it into the recess above the hexagon socket screw (2).

Lock metal plate (1) with headless screw (3).

F 39 82 210 R

Mark the floor of the centre console (1) on the dotted lines and cut with a compressed- air saw. Install the centre-console floor.

A: 40 mm
B: 95 mm
C: 4 mm
D: 5 mm

F 39 82 211 R

Remove mounting clip (1) (no longer required) on the selector lever covering (2).

Mark dimensions A and B and make a hole 0 8 mm with a twist drill.

Hold the selector lever covering (2) in the vehicle and test to see whether the drill hole of 0 8 mm is at the centre point of the lock cylinder of the gearshift-lever lock. Using a step drill, rebore the 0 8 mm hole to one of 0 24 mm.

A: 12 mm
B: 30 mm
C: 24 mm

F 39 82 212 R

Replace selector lever covering (2). Insert grommet (1) in the selector lever covering (2).

F 39 82 213 R

Install selector lever bellows (1) and selector lever knob (2).

3. Coding

This retrofit package requires no coding of the vehicle’ s control units with DIS or MoDiC.

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