Retrofit kit for roof railing for BMW 5 Series touring (E39/2)

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BMW Installation Instructions

Technical knowledge is required
Installation time approx. 2.5 – 3 hours, which can vary according to the condition and fittings of the vehicle.

The working steps and safety advice enumerated in these installation instructions for the retrofitting of the roof railing must be unconditionally complied with.
The roof railing is so constructed that with proper fitting and operation no damage can result to the vehicle.

BMW accepts no liability for damage which occurs as a result of not following the work sequence and safety instructions. In addition, any warranty claim against BMW AG is extinguished in the event of improper fitting
and handling which diverges from the fitting and operating instructions.

Important notes on fitting

The retrofitting of the roof railing is to be carried out exclusively by a BMW specialist workshop as
it is only there that trained personnel are available who have the necessary tools and auxiliary materials.
With the roof railing fitted, the crossbeam carrier for the roof railing is only usable with it on the
BMW 5 Series touring model.
Six drill holes have to be made in the roof outer skin panel for the purpose of attaching the roof railing.
The maximum permissible roof load of 100 kg may not be exceeded. (Weight of the railing 5.2 kg, plus
crossbeam carrier and superstructure as well as payload)
To be ordered in addition, from the EPC in the colour of the vehicle, are two roof-drain mouldings
with notches for the roof railing.
When drilling is done in the outer skin panel of the roof, it is necessary to have a second person there to provide help.

Required tools and auxiliary materials

Phillips screwdriver
Flat-tip screwdriver
1/2 inch torque spanner (24 Nm)
1/2 inch extension
1/2 inch socket-wrench insert SW 13
1/4 inch reversible ratchet
1/4 inch extension
1/4 inch socket-wrench insert TX 20, 25, 30
Drilling machine and twist drill 3, 6, 10 mm
Zinc dust paint and brush



1. Parts kit
2. Necessary preparatory work on the vehicle
3. Dismantling of the interior panelling
4. Remove roof drain moulding
5. Make drill holes
6. Fit roof drain moulding and railing

1. Parts kit

F 39 82 229

a Roof railing (2x)
b Packing was her (6x)
c Mounting nut (6x)
d Installation instructions (1x)

2. Necessary preparatory work on the vehicle

Remove boot-s pace roller blind from the vehicle.

In vehicles with ITS head airbag

Disconnect battery.

3. Dismantling of the interior panelling

Dismantling of the interior panelling is described mainly on the right-hand side of the vehicle.
Proceed as in mirror image for dismantling the left-hand side panelling

Only for vehicles with ITS head airbag

F 39 0040 EVA

Prise out cover (1) on A-pillar trim panelling (2) and loosen the Torx screw TX 25 (3) underneath

All vehicles

F 39 82 230

Carefully remove the A, B , and C-pillar panelling (1, 2, 3).

F 39 82 231

Remove the sun visors (1) and the interior light fitting (2).

If there is a factory-fitted telephone system, the hands-free unit (3) must be removed as well
as the control switch (4), if present, for the slide/tilt sunroof or glass slide/tilt sunroofю

F 39 82 232

In the interior of the vehicle, remove all interior light fittings (1), the covers for the speakers (2) and all supports (3) for the luggage net.

F 39 82 233

Open the boot side cover (1) and remove it from the vehicle. Dismantle the strip seal (2) on the rear apron and the D-pillar panel (3).

F 39 82 234

Remove all grab handles (1) to be found in the vehicle. To do this, remove screws (2) after opening the cover flaps (3).

F 39 82 235

Now let down the entire headlining (1) of the vehicle and remove it towards the rear out of the vehicle in the direction of the arrow.

Only vehicles with slide/tilt or glass slide/tilt sunroof

In these vehicles, before taking out the vehicle headlining, the slide/tilt or glass slide/tilt sunroof cover must be dismantled and the underlying Torx bolts loosened in the cover frame. The relevant and most recent BMW repair instructions must be followed for dismantling the sliding roof cover.

4. Remove roof-drain moulding

F 39 82 236

The forward roof-drain moulding flaps (3) must be opened with the aid of a small screwdriver (1). To
do this, insert the screwdriver (1) into the recess (2) in the forward roof-drain moulding flap (3). The roof-drain moulding flap (3) is opened by pressing the screwdriver (1) backwards in the direction of the arrow.

F 39 82 003

Withdraw screwdriver.
Fold roof-drain moulding flap (1) completely open in the direction of the arrow until it engages.

F 39 82 237

Go into the forward opening of the roof-drain moulding (2) with the screwdriver (1) and carefully prise the roof-drain moulding out of the roof drain in the direction of the arrow.

F 39 82 238

Open the tailgate (1). Remove the roof-drain moulding (2) carefully from front to back out of the roof drain of the vehicle.

Care should be taken when removing the roof-drain moulding (2) to see that all plastic mounting clips remain in the roof drain. If this does not happen, the plastic mounting clips which are in the roof-drain moulding (2) are to be taken out of it and reinserted in the appropriate places in the roof drain.

The roof-drain moulding (2) which has been removed is no longer required.

5. Make drill holes

Only for vehicles with ITS head airbag

F 39 0041 EVA

Carefully draw the ITS head airbag (1) in the area of the A-pillar forwards from under the bracket (2) and press it to the side.

All vehicles

F 39 82 239

Remove the plastic covering caps (1) in the vehicle interior.

F 39 82 240

There are three prick-punched marks (2) (see magnification) in the roof drain (1) of the vehicle, which indicate the position of the drill holes to be made for attachment of the roof railing.

F 39 82 241

Carefully pilot-drill the prick-punched places with the twist drill (1) (Ø 3 mm). Now progressively rebore the pilot-drilled holes (2) (Ø 6, 10 mm).

When drilling, do not damage the ITS head airbag or the airbag retaining strap in the interior of the vehicle.

When drilling, vacuum out the drill chippings from inside at the same time.

Care should be taken to see that the drill chuck does not come into contact with the roof drain when doing the pilot-drilling.

F 39 82 242

Between the front union nut (1) and the forwardmost drilled hole (2) there is a plastic mounting clip (3). This clip is to be removed.

F 39 0042 EVA

Fit the supplied foam packing washers (b) the correct way round into the recess (1) inside the roof drain (2) over the drilled holes.

6. Fit roof-drain moulding and railing

F 39 82 244

Carefully clip the new roof-drain moulding (1) from front to back into the roof drain (2) in the direction of the arrows.

It is essential to make sure when inserting the roof-drain moulding (1) at the front that it is carefully inserted under the rubber seal of the windscreen.

F 39 0043 EVA

Fit the railing (a) through the inserted roof-drain moulding (1) and through the foam packing washers.

There is adhesive film on the underside of the railing feet. It is essential that this adhesive film is
present when fitting the railing so that damage to the paint surface in the roof drain can be prevented.

F 39 0044 EVA

Working from the inside of the vehicle, screw the railing to the vehicle roof with the supplied lock nuts (c). Tightening torque of the nuts M = 24 Nm.
When doing so, the following sequence for tightening the screws should be complied with:
1. Screwing of the centre foot of the railing
2. Screwing of the front and back feet of the railing

Only for vehicles with ITS head airbag

F 39 0045 EVA

Carefully insert the ITS head airbag (1) back into its preset position under the bracket (2).

All vehicles

Reassemble the vehicle in the reverse order of disassembly.

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