Supplementary Sheet to Sound Module System BMW Z3 roadster (E36/7)

Parts and Accessories

BMW Installation Instructions

This supplementary sheet applies only together with the installation instructions for the installation kit Sound Module System BMW Z3 roadster (E36/7) LHD (Order No. 01 29 9 416 991) for vehicles from production date 3/99.’4

Important information!

Observe the following points:

Section 2. Page 11, Overview of Installation Kit

Item Description Qty.
6 Power cable with fuse 1

Item 6 dropped and replaced by supplied power cable with fuse holder with 8 mm dia. cable eye.

Section 4. Page 13, Connecting Power Lead

Vehicles with Battery in Luggage Compartment

Fig. F 36 0045 B and text under figure dropped and replaced by.

The figure shows the external jump start terminal (1) in the engine compartment.

Remove cover over threaded connection of external jump start terminal (1).

Firmly screw power cable (2) together with fuse holder (3) as illustrated at external jump start terminal (1).

Cut power cable (4) to length and crimp on socket contact (5).

Plug socket contact (5) into fuse holder (3). Secure fuse holder (3) with cable strap on vehicle wiring harness.