Lumbar Support BMW 7 Series E38

EBA – 01 29 9 788 789 BMW Installation Instructions Technical knowledge is required. Installation Time: approx . 2 – 3 hours, depending on the condition and level of equipment of the vehicle. The installation of…

Telephone Console BMW 7 Series E38

EBA – Telephone Console BMW 7 Series E38 BMW Installation Instructions Intended for use in BMW dealer organisation only Installation time: approx. 0.3 hours Note The installation is described for the left-hand drive model. Certain work…

Group aerial for BMW E38

EBA – 01 29 9 416 625 BMW Installation Instructions Contents Page Important information Installation Installation instructions Specialist knowledge required. 1. Important information (Only for use within the BMW dealer organisation). Installation time approx. 1 hour….

Installation Kit Ski Bag BMW 7 Series E38

EBA – 01 29 9 788 528 BMW Installation Instructions Additional Sheet for Installation Instructions Ski Bag BMW 7 E38 Specialised knowledge is assumed. Installation time approx. 1 .5 hours which can vary depending on the…