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Telephone Console BMW 7 Series E38

EBA – Telephone Console BMW 7 Series E38
BMW Installation Instructions

Intended for use in BMW dealer organisation only Installation time: approx. 0.3 hours


The installation is described for the left-hand drive model. Certain work steps must be carried out in mirror-image fashion for the right-hand drive model. The connecting cable for the telephone can either be connected to the connector (in centre console parcel

tray) or the connector can be extended with the help of the extension (Order No.: 8412 9 405 206) towards the front to the BMW telephone console where the BMW telephone is to be installed. Excess cable is to be tied back under the centre console as necessary.

If the customer has requested that the telephone be removable, the connector for the telephone must be secured at a suitable location on the exterior of the centre console.


If necessary, the centre console must be cut to accommodate the channel to prevent pinching or squeezing of the telephone cable.

F39 65 020 M

Remove cover strip (1) below centre console right side.

F39 65 021 M


The connecting pieces (2) of the BMW telephone console (1) must be aligned parallel to the centre console flange (4).

Install BMW telephone console (1) from above in centre console, align and secure to connecting pieces (2) on centre console with sheet-metal screws (3).

Push in cover strip from below into BMW telephone console (1) and press into place on centre console.
Align holder for BMW telephone I BMW mobile phone and secure with sheet-metal screws provided.
Reinstall all removed parts in reverse sequence.

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